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  1. In Topic: Trying to improve a system

    Posted 6 Mar 2015

    Could you possibly explain what you mean by "I wouldn't catch that exception"?... TBH -- I'm not 100% what the TRY and CATCH functions due, only that every tutorial i've read about PDO has used them, so at this point they've pretty much become instilled into my coding.

    also -- I've continued to tweak the system and i'm still getting overlaps... So i'm just going to start tweaking the range for the coords i guess

    other than that: Thanks for helping me out with this. I didn't know you could insert stuff into PDO using an array (makes my life easier).

    edit: i know the $rand var isn't the best named one... I'll get around to renaming it.
  2. In Topic: Trying to improve a system

    Posted 6 Mar 2015

    View PostCTphpnwb, on 05 March 2015 - 08:28 AM, said:

    You're checking for not equals when you need to check for values in a range. For example, coordX <> {$cx}+5 might be something like coordX > {$cx}+5 OR coordX < {$cx}-5

    P.S.: I'd change return rand('0','95'); to return rand(0,95);

    I changed the '<>' to what you suggested, now the query is selecting all available stars with the same pageX and pageY values.

    also; not sure why the quotes were there for the rand... thanks for pointing that out.
  3. In Topic: How to use sessions from header across all pages

    Posted 1 Mar 2015

    Try changing "session_Start" to "session_start"
  4. In Topic: Applying a style to prevents <A> clicking

    Posted 25 Feb 2015

    View Postastonecipher, on 24 February 2015 - 05:48 AM, said:

    I do.t know if you have to fix it or not, I can't see it in context.

    Alright, the site is up and running:
    username: reddittestuser
    password: password

    to get the specific issue i'm speaking of, you have to click one of the "stars" on the map after logging in. the navigational controls are at the top left corner -- I'm not quiet sure how to show the issue without the tag that renders the controls inactive -- but just know that they work if the tag is removed.
  5. In Topic: Applying a style to prevents <A> clicking

    Posted 24 Feb 2015

    View PostAtli, on 23 February 2015 - 01:37 AM, said:

    By itself the HTML you posted would not cause any problems. The problem must be in the associated CSS rules or Javascript code.

    It's impossible for use to determine what is happening without seeing the whole picture: the HTML, the CSS and (if there is any) the Javascript code.

    Ideally it would be best to see this in action. Is it perhaps up on a live server somewhere?

    It is -- the site is and it's behind a login system (i think the test name/pass is "Reddittestuser"/"password") however, i've taken it down for the moment -- i'll try to put it back up, but all of a sudden, my internet is being a prick.

    View Postastonecipher, on 23 February 2015 - 05:48 AM, said:

    Html doesn't effect PHP, but this could be an issue,

    <div class='nav bot jump'><a href='{$_SESSION['index']}'>Home</a>

    THat shouldn't affect it, as the code works perfectly fine when the style isn't applied. That being said, I'll fix that ASAP

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