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  1. In Topic: ScriptFactorem

    Posted 15 Jul 2014

    BUMP! I'd really like some feedback!
  2. In Topic: ScriptFactorem

    Posted 23 May 2014

    BUMP! I need more suggestions for the next version. It should be released this weekend :wink:
  3. In Topic: ScriptFactorem

    Posted 24 Apr 2014

    View PostMartyr2, on 24 April 2014 - 07:36 PM, said:

    This seems to be a really long way of doing things. I mean you have to do like 5 steps just to setup a variable you could have just typed in 2 seconds. I mean I like the idea but to make this successful you really are going to have to do two major things...

    1) Make it extremely efficient. So efficient that it is actually faster to set something up in this rather than typing out what you want in a code editor.
    2) Make it look as simplistic as possible but with as much flexibility as you can. (I think you have the simplistic part down, but I don't see how this gives any more flexibility over typing code where I can setup multiple conditions, logic branching and see it all in one glance)

    I found the documentation also to be very very basic and while it gave me an idea of what it might be able to do, it lacks a lot of the "how to do it" part.

    Either way, I wish you luck on this project. I hope it works out. :)/>/>

    I made this application for those who aren't really familiar with programming. I guess it can be useful to some people :pinch:/> . I could add something such as keys combinations to add instructions. Conditions will be added in an upcoming version. Anyway, I'll try to update the documentation to make it better. I tried my best but I had some difficulties since English isn't my primary language :smile2:/>

    Thank you!

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