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  1. In Topic: Learn to Code, it's Harder than You Think

    Posted 17 Dec 2015

    View PostCurtis Rutland, on 10 December 2015 - 02:43 AM, said:

    Programming is just a concrete application of logic. If you can formalize your ideas into logical expressions, programming is just learning new names for things you already know. If you're not one of those people, you can try to learn for as long as you want; you'll memorize things, but you won't be able to extend on most of the concepts.

    How beautifully put.

    From when I was young I spent many hours playing around on the 64 and Amiga writing small codes and seeing what they would do, now I spend time learning in my spare time for something that may be far fetched; yet I still chase the dream.

    For me transport logistics is my forte and the money is for my taking; but to code....

    Yes, I have written a few programs but they are nothing worthy of been called a programmer.

    *reminisce over*

    That is a marvelous statement, I have never seen it written so well.
  2. In Topic: making a credit limit calculator

    Posted 19 Feb 2014

    I would suggest doing some searching around before asking this, the internet has many examples of a credit card account.

    But I suggest breaking it down to what has been asked:

    You know you will have to have 7 customers

    You know you need to ask the customer for 5 pieces of information,what can you use to get this information from a customer?

    You know that if -1 is entered it will close the program.

    and so on...
    Then just work out what you will need to get each of these particulars done, prompt user for input and use the scanner class to save to a variable?

    Get the pen and paper out and read it carefully, breaking it down makes it a lot easier than been overwhelmed with a full paragraph of blah.

    This post may help you understand a bit more about some (but not all) of what you could do.
  3. In Topic: Incompatible types error when creating object in BlueJ

    Posted 19 Feb 2014

    because intFuelgauge is an int, your handing it a string

    I do not know enough about blueJ but from the image that is what has happened, change it to an int and see what happens, my though is it will run fine but?
  4. In Topic: JOptionPane/Calcuation Program

    Posted 19 Feb 2014

    referring to first post why not put your JOptionPane in a method and use a switch and if it is wrong have it call the JOptionPane again after displaying a default error message?
  5. In Topic: Incompatible types error when creating object in BlueJ

    Posted 19 Feb 2014

    Have you tried making a little test harness to see what happens?

    It looks like it will run but what are you passing as the object?

    		Car car = new Car();
    		Car car2= new Car("ford", "red", 10);

    These should work.

    But as salazar says more information for a better answer.

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