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  1. In Topic: Which is the best platform for craeting a new blog for my business

    Posted 14 Apr 2015

    If you're self-hosting this blog for your business, I would go with WordPress and here is why:

    • Updated Regularly
    • Can be expanded using Plugins
    • Has the largest amount of Plugins available for an Open-Source CMS
    • Is easy to learn / manage content (for Staff/Authors or whoever is assigned to create content for the blog)
    • It's FREE!
    • Has built in security features
    • Control over server environment (not a WordPress point, but more a point for using a self-hosted solution)

    Although Drupal, Joomla and other CMS systems can do the same thing as WordPress essentially, they include additional modules or features you may or may not need and I find have a steeper learning curve in both development, and content management.

    WordPress with a few plugins, a nice theme and constant content creation should be more than enough for any starting business blog as there is plenty of room to grow with WordPress too.

    Just don't go too plugin crazy from the start as each plugin adds its own set of features, settings configurations and could cause a conflict if you're not careful.

    Have fun!
  2. In Topic: SEO - "Pre-Emptive" Back-links 302 from "blank-page"?

    Posted 14 Apr 2015

    @ArtificialSoldier - Okay, fair enough. That is always a concern, getting blacklisted.
  3. In Topic: SEO - "Pre-Emptive" Back-links 302 from "blank-page"?

    Posted 14 Apr 2015

    View Postno2pencil, on 14 April 2015 - 12:50 PM, said:

    I wouldn't host that test site on the same ip. Besides, how long do you expect propagation to take? How long of a test are you going to run?

    Agreed, it would be a separate test server altogether. Wouldn't want it linked to client's server in any way. That would be bad news bears.

    I'd run the test for a month to see regular traffic, than two weeks into the test, I would test the example I have mentioned and see if both traffic and SERPs rank improve, or bombs horribly for the new content page added and how harshly it affects overall SERPs for the homepage as well.
  4. In Topic: SASS, SCSS, and LESS

    Posted 14 Apr 2015

    When using LESS, I find adding mix-ins help save me lots of time and keystrokes by being able to define them once at the beginning of a section and then use and re-use them throughout a stylesheet.
  5. In Topic: SEO - "Pre-Emptive" Back-links 302 from "blank-page"?

    Posted 14 Apr 2015

    View Postno2pencil, on 14 April 2015 - 12:19 PM, said:

    I would argue that statement with the blog of Matt Cutts. The algorithms, yes. What works & what is flagged as poor behavior, not so much a secret.

    What is being asked here is not the algorithms that Google uses. What is being asked here is 'can I cheat with a simple action'.

    Taking it a step further back, without doing all that reading, one can also simple do a search for "Does Google follow 301/Does Google follow 302" & get relatively low-technical yes/no style details.

    Essentially, yes you're correct. I assumed that my client was looking for a "quick-fix" (using backlinks as the method of choice) to achieve a quick rank for some specific type of page. As I stated, I clearly indicated to my client this is a bad idea; but it got me thinking and I was curious for some more insight.

    So, I guess testing on a dummy site with niche content and doing some tracking would be the best way to test the theory... to make sure a real client site doesn't get punished. Has anyone encountered something similar?

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    GhandiJones Icon

    11 Apr 2011 - 00:13
    Not a problem on the respect. Great article on the LESS library. First time I've heard of it, yet I found your article to be a fantastically informative breakdown of what it's capable of.
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    skyhawk133 Icon

    24 Mar 2011 - 19:31
    Thanks! Glad you're making yourself at home. Cya around the forums :)
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