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  1. In Topic: Spring - Summer 2012 Fitness

    Posted 10 May 2012

    Don't worry, I won't be posting on this board at all anymore. Silly me for thinking that I could talk about fitness in a FITNESS thread. Good luck everyone in your fitness goals (or should I say belittling goals) of 2012.
  2. In Topic: Spring - Summer 2012 Fitness

    Posted 10 May 2012

    @Modi, I agree. This thread should be about fitness. However, B9, I will be PMing you in a little bit after my workout.
  3. In Topic: Spring - Summer 2012 Fitness

    Posted 10 May 2012

    What the hell is the matter with you?
    First off the only "horse shit" that was posted was yours. You could have kindly told me to put it in spoiler tags via PM or could have just posted saying so without the need of bashing my post. Motivation is needed if you want to continue on training hard every single day. I'm not talking about the exercise you get which consists of getting up and walking to the fridge. I'm talking about by the time everyone else has gotten up you have already lifted, had two meals, and are starting your third. Maybe if people didn't lack motivation they wouldn't be sitting in their room all day wasting their life away and go out and talk with people and exercise... And no, I am not acting like a douche. That would be you. I just wanted to post in the Fitness thread about what keeps me motivated and hopefully help someone else to stay motivated. I'm sorry if I thought I could post fitness related things in a Fitness thread without getting bitched at. I know next time I should just ridicule other peoples posts and then post a non-original picture because I have nothing more to say but I still want to be a bitch. Sounds good to me

    With love
  4. In Topic: Spring - Summer 2012 Fitness

    Posted 10 May 2012

    View PostBenignDesign, on 10 May 2012 - 12:22 PM, said:

    I put your massive wall of horse shit in spoiler tags. Not everyone wants to scroll past all that shit everytime they open the thread.

    If you need THAT much motivation just to work out, you have bigger issues than fitness levels.

    Making fun of a post that is relevant to a fitness thread... Tell me more about what you know about fitness and motivation Ms. "weird compuer nerd chick who sits alone with a locked door in a room full of Star Wars toys. "...

    @modi123_1... I'm currently in a 3 day split of
    Monday: Chest/bis
    tuesday: Abs/Core/cardio
    Wednesday: Back/tris
    thursday: abs/core/cardio
    Friday: Legs/Shoulders
    Saturday: Abs/core/cardio
    Sunday: Rest

    I used to play Football and Baseball until I discovered Lacrosse. I then dedicated most of my lifts and fitness regime to that. I am currently training on becoming a Law Enforcement Officer. For the summer I am currently on a bulk and planning on trying to clean bulk (don't want to dreamer bulk for summer) as long as I can until I decide I want to cut. So basically I'm going to just be eating, lifting, eating, sleeping, and eating some more. I'm probably going to be joining up on a Men's Lacrosse team this summer and when I transfer away to college hopefully I'll be playing there (even if it is just a club team).

    I'll be contributing to as many discussions I can and hope to converse with other fitness junkies.
  5. In Topic: F$%^&*^ RANT

    Posted 10 May 2012

    Show no mercy.

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    13 Apr 2013 - 23:26
    Hey Scott..just passing by to say hi. Long time no chat hehe :)
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    22 Jan 2011 - 21:53
    I don't understand the computation of how to solve the problem, not coding but the math. I need to a program that reads in the x and y coordinates of a triangle’s vertex's. I need to compute and output the triangle’s perimeter. I was told I could use Pythagorean Theorem 3 times and I could use
    Math.sqrt((x2 –x1) 2 + (y2 –y1)2)to compute each side length. A sample input and output...
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