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  1. In Topic: html css Don't want these divs to be able to overlap,

    Posted 27 Aug 2013

    Try floating your element rather then using absolute positioning I think that should fix your problem.
  2. In Topic: Error 1013!

    Posted 30 May 2013

    There appears to be a missing } for processCollisions().
  3. In Topic: ActionScript counter inside Movie clip

    Posted 30 May 2013

    In your if statement you need to reset the text value of score_bar. as well as updating the value of score.
  4. In Topic: Missile counter not counting...or working in general...

    Posted 29 May 2013

    Did you end up placing a dynamic text area on you stage? If so what instance name did you give it?
  5. In Topic: Missile counter not counting...or working in general...

    Posted 29 May 2013

    the easiest way to display something on the screen is to add a dynamic text area to your stage, give it an instance name and then tell that dynamic text area to take the value of your counter so something like

    myTextarea.text = String(counter);

    then to fix your issue of counter going below 0 you will need to add an if statement to your function saying if counter is greater than 0 de-increment counter.

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