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  1. In Topic: The C/C++ Learning Series

    Posted 18 Jun 2015

    Are smart pointers going to be covered in the same place as pointers? Or maybe there should be a separate section for smart pointers in Advanced section. I would also add rvalue references and move semantics to the list.
  2. In Topic: Merge 2 Strings in a new String

    Posted 14 Jun 2015

    Have you tried:

    string a = "a";
    string b = "b";
    string c = a + b;
  3. In Topic: [link] How Much C++ Do You Need to Know for a Job?

    Posted 27 May 2015

    I would add STL algorithms and containers to the list. As well as smart pointers, lambdas and basics of threading.

    What i find really interesting is that when i browse job posts for C++ developers, they seem to split C++ and STL into 2 different categories/skills. They often say "We are looking for a strong C++ developer. STL knowledge highly desirable.". I mean, if you are a good C++ dev, you need to know and make use of STL/Boost/etc.
  4. In Topic: Function Help?

    Posted 24 Apr 2015

    The function should take a constant string reference so that a copy is not performed and then destroyed.
  5. In Topic: Doubles not adding in C++

    Posted 29 Oct 2014

    You might want to try to use transform() function:

    double value = velocity;
    std::transform(weights.begin(), weights.end(), weights.begin(), [velocity](int currentValue){ return currentValue + velocity;});

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