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  1. In Topic: VOTING - Signature of the month: September 2015

    Posted 2 Oct 2015

    I voted for Xupicor too.... but because I like the idea of the story behind how Mars came to be a desert planet.

  2. In Topic: print the lowest and highest digit in the number.

    Posted 2 Oct 2015

    I was thinking the exact same thing when I put the code tags in.

    Well done for saying it though !
  3. In Topic: Needed suggestions on BookMark application in C++?

    Posted 2 Oct 2015

    View PostSkydiver, on 01 October 2015 - 01:48 PM, said:

    That's like me saying that I'm making a nuclear bomb as my winter garage project, but could somebody please guide me on how to create one because I don't know the first thing about how to do it.

    A nuclear bomb you say...?

    That's a very strange choice.

    I wonder what your Advanced Insights Profile would say about you ?


    Especially your Values Index ?

  4. In Topic: C++ Win32 FPS and DeltaTime Implementation

    Posted 30 Sep 2015


    Your updated code is still a bit of a mess isn't it ?

    As you say there are some problems with it.

    1. The fps is incredibly high as if it is calculated wrong.

    This has more to do with local variables and you are resetting them to zero every time the function is called putting static in front of everything won't solve this moving them into the class definition and setting them to zero in the constructor will solve your problems.

    2. The program is taking a while to load..

    Yes, you don't say, this is because you dont really understand to a level that you should before writing window classes how win32 programs work.

    3. The program wont close.

    Again this is a mixture of not understanding how win32 programs work and not understanding how windows classes operate.

    Overall it looks like you cobbled together some code you found online and threw it at the computer screen and hoped it would stick. Well it didn't it fell apart.

    Get a good book on win32 programming.

    Here is your fixed code.

    Now as a disclaimer I would never write code like this but this is my interpretation on how to fix your code as it currently stands.

    #include "Basewindow.h"
    #include "Childwindow.h"
    int APIENTRY WinMain(HINSTANCE h_instance, HINSTANCE h_prev_instance, LPSTR lp_cmd_line, int n_cmd_show) {
    	ChildWindow child_window(h_instance, TEXT("Child Window"));
    	BaseWindow base_window(TEXT("Base Window"), child_window.ClassName());
    	bool exitprogram = true;
    	while (exitprogram !=false)
    		exitprogram = base_window.MessagePoll();
    	return 0;


    #ifndef __BASEWINDOW_H__
    #define __BASEWINDOW_H__
    #pragma once
    #include <sstream>
    #include "Abstractwindow.h"
    #include "Childwindow.h"
    #include <cmath>
    class BaseWindow : public AbstractWindow {
    #pragma region Test Methods
    	void Update();
    	void Render();
    #pragma endregion
    #pragma region Methods
    	bool MessagePoll();
    	void CalculateFPS();
    	BaseWindow(const TCHAR*, const TCHAR*);
    	void Show();
    	virtual LRESULT CALLBACK WindowProcedure(HWND, UINT, WPARAM, LPARAM);
    #pragma region Handles
    	bool CreateBackBuffer(HWND);
    	bool OnPaint(HWND);
    #pragma endregion
    #pragma endregion
    #pragma region Variables
    	bool paint_;
    	bool is_running = true;
    	int fps_;
    	int rectX;
    	int rectY;
    	int direction;
    	RECT window_rect_;				// Structure for window width and height
    	int client_width_;
    	int client_height_;
    	POINT mouse_pos_;
    	float delta_time;
    	int frame_count;
    	float elapsed_time;
    	__int64 prev_time;
    	__int64 current_time;
    	__int64 counts_per_sec;
    #pragma region Back Buffer
    	HDC hdc_;					// Handle to Device Context
    	HDC back_buffer_;			// Back Buffer
    	HBITMAP bitmap_;           // Current bitmap
    #pragma endregion
    #pragma endregion
    #endif // !__BASEWINDOW_H__


    #include "Basewindow.h"
    BaseWindow::BaseWindow() {}
    BaseWindow::~BaseWindow() {}
    BaseWindow::BaseWindow(const TCHAR* window_name, const TCHAR* class_name) {
    	style_ex_ = NULL;
    	class_name_ = class_name;
    	window_name_ = window_name;
    	x_ = CW_USEDEFAULT;
    	width_ = CW_USEDEFAULT;
    	height_ = CW_USEDEFAULT;
    	parent_ = NULL;
    	menu_ = NULL;
    	instance_ = GetModuleHandle(NULL);
    	paint_ = false;
    	rectX = 100;
    	rectY = 100;
    	delta_time = 0.0f;
    	elapsed_time = 0.0f;
    	frame_count = 0;
    	prev_time = 0;
    	current_time = 0;
    	__int64 counts_per_sec;
    void BaseWindow::Show() {
    	ShowWindow(hwnd_, SW_SHOW);
    LRESULT CALLBACK BaseWindow::WindowProcedure(HWND hwnd, UINT message, WPARAM w_param, LPARAM l_param) {
    	switch (message) {
    	case WM_CREATE:
    		// MessageBox(hwnd, "TEXT", "caption", MB_OK);
    		 return 0;
    	case WM_PAINT:
    		if (paint_) {
    			paint_ = false;
    		return 0;
    	case WM_CLOSE:
    		is_running = false;
    		return 0;
    		return DefWindowProc(hwnd, message, w_param, l_param);
    bool BaseWindow::MessagePoll() {
    	// Counts Per Second
    	// Seconds Per Count
    	float sec_per_count = 1.0f / counts_per_sec;
    	// Pervious Time
    	MSG message = {};
    	PeekMessage(&message,hwnd_, 0, 0,PM_REMOVE);
    			// Get current count
    			// DeltaTime
    			delta_time = (current_time - prev_time) * sec_per_count;
    			elapsed_time += delta_time;
    			// Render
    			if (delta_time > 0.00002f)
    				paint_ = true;
    				InvalidateRect(hwnd_, NULL, false);
    			prev_time = current_time;
    		return is_running;
    void BaseWindow::CalculateFPS() {
    	// Frams Per Second
    	if (elapsed_time >= 1.0f) {
    		fps_ = frame_count;
    		// Output to Window Title
    		std::stringstream ss;
    		ss << window_name_ << " FPS " << fps_;
    		SetWindowText(hwnd_, ss.str().c_str());
    		frame_count = 0;
    		elapsed_time = 0.0f;
    #pragma region Handles
    bool BaseWindow::CreateBackBuffer(HWND hwnd) {
    	GetClientRect(hwnd, &window_rect_);
    	client_width_ = window_rect_.right;
    	client_height_ = window_rect_.bottom;
    	hdc_ = GetDC(hwnd);	// Get the Device Context
    	back_buffer_ = CreateCompatibleDC(hdc_);	// Create Back Buffer
    	bitmap_ = CreateCompatibleBitmap(hdc_,client_width_, client_height_);
    	SelectObject(back_buffer_, bitmap_);	// Select Bitmap
    	return true;
    bool BaseWindow::OnPaint(HWND hwnd) {
    	PAINTSTRUCT paintstruct;
    	hdc_ = BeginPaint(hwnd_, &paintstruct);		// Get the Device Context
    	// Paint
    	BitBlt(hdc_, 0, 0,client_width_,client_height_,back_buffer_,0,0,SRCCOPY);		// Display the back buff
    	EndPaint(hwnd, &paintstruct);
    	return true;
    void BaseWindow::Update()
    	if (direction == 1)
    		rectX = rectX-1;
    		if (rectX < 100)
    		{direction = 0;}
    		rectX = rectX + 1;
    	if (rectX > 300)
    		direction = 1;
    void BaseWindow::Render() {
    	BitBlt(back_buffer_, 0, 0, client_width_, client_height_, NULL, NULL, NULL, WHITENESS);
    	HBRUSH brush = (HBRUSH)(CreateSolidBrush(RGB(255,0,0)));
    	SelectObject(back_buffer_, brush);		// Select Brush
    	Rectangle(back_buffer_, rectX, rectY, rectX+100,rectY+100);
    #pragma endregion

    As you can now see animating something in gdi is not great its a bit slow in the rendering.

    But as it stands its the best I can do with the way you have designed the classes and the rest of the program like the unnecessary functions that are only used once etc...

    You are very lucky I was bored !

  5. In Topic: VOTING - Signature of the month: September 2015

    Posted 30 Sep 2015

    Well just to clarify what shiny user bar BetaWar is talking about,

    it's this one........

    Posted Image

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