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  1. In Topic: Workbench 6.2 error, while testing "server" connection

    Posted 28 Oct 2014

    I deleted the hold Host 1 connection, because it failed a connection test I stored in the a password in the vault, which was, 123.

    So I created another connection with the Hostname "", and was able to test connection successfully. Default schema was left blank.

    I entered the code by smendoza

    And it was a dead end :(/>/>

    Posted Image

    Enter 123 for password:, Then click Test Connection:
    Then it's back to square one. Delete connection entirely, and re-create another connection without setting password.
  2. In Topic: Workbench 6.2 error, while testing "server" connection

    Posted 27 Oct 2014

    I followed both your recommendations, changing from to localhost, and leaving default schema blank, and still have the same problem

    Posted Image

    Edit 1: After making the changes I went ahead and ran XAMPP at the same time, and I no longer got the code error 1049. So it seems smendoza or ArtificialSoldier's suggestion worked. Thank you both, for the response. Server is running in WorkBench it seems:

    Posted Image

    Unfortunately I can't run commands such as "mysql --version", is not accessible:

    Posted Image

    Again the command is able to work in XAMPP when I run shell from that program.
  3. In Topic: Workbench 6.1, location of "SQL Development"

    Posted 7 Sep 2014

    Thanks for the last 2 post, they were very fortelling by far.
    I already had XAMPP downloaded on my computer, I had forgotten to install it.

    Server status with XAMPP "MySQL Module" disabled:

    Enabling MySQL Module in XAMPP resulted in 2 error messages:, Code 1049:

    If one could tell how to disable the "Fast reply" box at the bottom of each thread it would be grateful. It fails to send my post, and redirects me to the main forum page. Been having this problem for years.

    XAMPP "Shell" is able to recognize "mysql commands".
  4. In Topic: Workbench 6.1, location of "SQL Development"

    Posted 7 Sep 2014

    View PostSheepings, on 06 September 2014 - 11:32 AM, said:

    I agree with Aston, as you can't go wrong with command line knowledge. You can try this Tutorial which will give you a quick run-through of the program. I think the bookworm around here is probably modi123_1, and perhaps if he sees this post, he might recommend you a good book on database interactions. I don't think you will find any books on Workbench, and the most you can hope for is their Docs and tutorials on YouTube.

    I'd rather stick with Workbench 6.1.

    I looked at that you tube video. I tried setting up a server named "host1" using the localhost ip address, set a simple password. The bottom left corner reads:

    "Name:  host1
    Port: 3306

    How do I establish a connection?

    host1 settings:

    My main goal here is to be execute options commands, in mysql CLI utility.
  5. In Topic: Workbench 6.1, location of "SQL Development"

    Posted 6 Sep 2014

    View Postastonecipher, on 06 September 2014 - 07:49 PM, said:


    SHOW databases;

    and see what happens. are you using a LAMP/ WAMP stack currently?

    I got an "unknown command: SHOW databases;"

    I'm unaware of what LAMP / WAMP stack is.

    I installed the utility on my desktop which I have administrative access on (Windows 7).

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