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  1. In Topic: Calculate Area Of Polygons And Irregular Area

    Posted 9 Mar 2014

    Hey minnie mouse

    I'm sorry, I didn't log in for few months and I didn't see your post until now.

    What do you mean with the switch statement. Where are you on the code?
  2. In Topic: Adjust Control's Size/Position With Screen Resolution

    Posted 9 Mar 2014


    The font size is a read only property. You can't change it on runtime. If you want a different font or different size, you need to create a new font every time, like this:

    Dim FontName As String = "Arial"
    Dim FontSize As Integer = 14
    Dim FS As New Font(FontName, FontSize, FontStyle.Regular)
    Label1.Font = FS

    Due to the fact that the monitor display of your users could be of any size and any resolution choice, you can't have a single font. A workaround would be to create few fonts of the same style, but different sizes, and depending on your resizing ratio you could choose one of them. You could set an "if block" or a "select case block" and apply the new font, depending on the ranges.
  3. In Topic: Converting a word to an integer

    Posted 17 Jun 2012

    Except for few exceptions like eleven, twelve, they pretty much follow a pattern. You could try a lookup table or a dictionary.
  4. In Topic: Passing data between functions

    Posted 8 Jun 2012

    Define the variables

    Private Class MyProgram
    Dim Addr1, Addr2, City, State, Zip  As String
    Dim X, Y AS ...
    Private Sub MyProgram_Load...
    'Some Code.
    End Sub
    Private Function Info() As... 'Functions Return A Value, Otherwise Use a Sub
    Addr1 = Addr1.Text
    End Function

    In the body of the class, before defining any function, so they have a global scope. You can read or change their value on any placce of your code.
  5. In Topic: Passing Values between forms in Visual Basic

    Posted 6 Jun 2012

    There are all kinds of events connected to the controls on your form. Check the attached image. On the left is a combobox where Button1 is selected. On the right is a dropped down combobox that shows a partial list of the events asocciated with button1. All of them can be used by you. BTW this is the development environment from VB.Net express 2010.

    Attached File  Events.jpg (266.35K)
    Number of downloads: 10

    If you click the left one you will have a list of all the controls on the form, including the form, also a list of variables, they are objects. If you select one of them, then click on the right combobox, there you will see the events associated with it.

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    12 Apr 2012 - 03:14
    It goes both ways.
    Thank you.
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    09 Apr 2012 - 20:23
    Excellent. You've helped me out a lot and showed me things I never thought I'd know.
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    08 Apr 2012 - 15:20
    Just learning, like everyone else
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    06 Apr 2012 - 21:43
    Skills bro. Knocking out heaps of awesome tutorials!
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    18 Oct 2011 - 19:48
    Where you been man!
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