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  1. In Topic: Simple string manipulation

    Posted 14 Aug 2014

    Edit: Wrote this before refreshing to see the new update about it working.

    Would it return, for example:


    Basically, I am unclear if the username (hereisaname) or the ID (25) can contain the "/". To me it doesn't make sense that the username can contain a "/" and the other side appears to be a number. Exploding or string splitting should work.

    Is there more than 2 levels (##/##/{string})?
    Is there only numbers on the left side of the /?

    -- BrairMoss
  2. In Topic: Simple string manipulation

    Posted 14 Aug 2014


    The only help I can give you would be to take a look at the explode function (PHP Doc link).

    As long as the format remains {string}/{string} and the delimeter "/" is not used in either string, this should help you out.

    -- BrairMoss
  3. In Topic: Is my homepage professional? (code, not design)

    Posted 22 Mar 2013

    All in all, it looks very professional to me. It validates fine, and the only error I saw in the display is that the text in Sections 1,2,3 overflows the box at the bottom (FireFox fully updated.)

    As for the HTML5 markup, footer vs id="footer", I personally stick with the div because the company I do work for has a lot of clients who are non-technical and still stick to Windows XP and IE8. For full compliance there are Javascript files created by others that will enable it to be fully HTML5 compliant across every web browser. That is my only issue with using HTML5 at the moment.

    Just remember to have your code in a way that you can edit it easily, tabbed/white-space (I do like white-space) and avoid the silly marquees and flashing text and it will be considered professional to me.

  4. In Topic: Function call from html img src!

    Posted 8 Nov 2012


    I am kind of confused as to what you are trying to accomplish. It appears to me that you wish to use the function you created called cover, to return the url/image source link of the cover. Unfortunately it does not appear that your php function is actually returning anything.

    My first suggestion would be to place

    edit: return $image; is incorrect.

    return $pathToImage;

    as the last line in your cover function. Where the variable pathToImage is the hotlink to the image. This should return the url and then be echoed into the source.

    If you use the same function many times on the page, you can place the include statement at the very top of the file and use it for every cover function call.


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  1. Photo

    BrairMoss Icon

    10 Apr 2011 - 15:35
    Ah. Curse you IE9! I'm still torn over Chrome vs IE9 vs FF4 but pretty much sticking with what I know.
  2. Photo

    Nakor Icon

    10 Apr 2011 - 15:08
    I think it's a bug with the javascript and IE9
  3. Photo

    BrairMoss Icon

    10 Apr 2011 - 14:38
    Both double posted... weird.
    The books are actually very short, more of a teenager size (if that makes sense). 300 pages may be the biggest of them.
  4. Photo

    Nakor Icon

    10 Apr 2011 - 11:51
    ok, not sure why that double posted
  5. Photo

    Nakor Icon

    10 Apr 2011 - 11:51
    ok, not sure why that double posted
  6. Photo

    Nakor Icon

    10 Apr 2011 - 11:51
    don't think i've read any of those, I'll have to check them out
  7. Photo

    Nakor Icon

    10 Apr 2011 - 11:51
    don't think i've read any of those, I'll have to check them out
  8. Photo

    BrairMoss Icon

    10 Apr 2011 - 10:27
    Indeed, as do much of the user names I use.
    Brair Moss is a character in Tamora Pierce series.
  9. Photo

    Nakor Icon

    10 Apr 2011 - 09:40
    good to see a new face hanging around the forums. BrairMoss, that come from a book?
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