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  1. In Topic: advice needed

    Posted 13 Jul 2012

    hi RudiVisser...

    View PostRudiVisser, on 13 July 2012 - 03:24 AM, said:

    You don't need a server.

    Shared hosting will do just fine for you, and can be extremely cheap (talking just over 15 for a year!).

    can you recommend some sites?
    i found some in UK but VPS costs from 17 to 27 and more per month so 15 a year sounds like the deal :)


    From the sounds of it you're not going to have much traffic (this isn't personal of course) so shared hosting will do just fine.

    yes its going to be first website, just want to have some website online and play around/design more in free time - and there will be really really small traffic :)
    so low costs are key here...
  2. In Topic: html, css, javascript now what?

    Posted 21 May 2012


    if your host supports node.js, you can also use server-side Javascript (I find that very appealing).

    ok, javascript server-side, can you direct me somewhere for more info, please.
    maybe books or tutorials etc....

    another question related web site developement, there is a lot of flash web sites nowadays , they look nice and many items on sites are dynamic ( in move hope you know what I mean ) is that achievable in javascript as well?
    I know how to make a panel or visible/not visible div's or hide show div's but I mean like here:
  3. In Topic: html, css, javascript now what?

    Posted 21 May 2012

    yes server side language, php?

    I can imagine that there is a loooot to learn but I am willing to build website, learn... I find forums helpful and maybe if get recommended some good books :)
  4. In Topic: can I use funcion() if anotherFunction() if anotherFunction() ?

    Posted 9 May 2012

    thank you!

    it turned out these is too much to fix the code ( for me a newb any way :) ) so I am doing separate page to validate credit card

    but thanks for your help it will definitely be used in future!

    Good Luck!
  5. In Topic: simple email validation

    Posted 9 May 2012

    yes thank you :)

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