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  1. In Topic: recursivly displaying folder and subfolder contents

    Posted 21 Apr 2014

    > I'm calling the cd section of the cmd to change the directory in which the 'ls' displays.
    No you're not.
    You're changing the current directory in the process that system() spawns.
    You're NOT changing the current directory in this process.

    > Please explain more about 'current directory' being global for the entire process, not local to the stack frame.
    void foo ( ) {
    void bar ( ) {
      // now current dir is "foo", even though
      // we've returned from foo()
  2. In Topic: add 00 to the end of numbers

    Posted 21 Apr 2014

    > Thank you. Sorry for the silly question I'm sleepy.
    But still wide awake enough to spam the forums with your trivial question.
  3. In Topic: recursivly displaying folder and subfolder contents

    Posted 20 Apr 2014

    > 19 system(cmd.c_str());//executing the previous string
    You CANNOT do this!
    All you're doing here is creating another process (read the manual on what system() does), and in that process you change directory.
    The current directory within your process remains as it was.

    If you want to change the directory in this process, use the chdir() function.

    Also note that the 'current directory' is global for your entire process, not local to a functions stack frame.
  4. In Topic: warning: cast from pointer to integer of different size

    Posted 20 Apr 2014

    Another long drawn out waste of effort for someone or other.
  5. In Topic: pointer question of function

    Posted 20 Apr 2014

    And the serial cross-poster is back again

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    07 Sep 2012 - 02:38
    Please read my thread. I kid! Just want to say your forum avatar is awesome. ^^
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    26 Dec 2010 - 01:36
    Do not PM me for 1:1 support, or to try to get me to read your threads.
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