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  1. In Topic: I need to run a public domain code in Molecular Dynamics

    Posted 27 Jul 2014

    "man gcc" typed into google perhaps?
  2. In Topic: I need to run a public domain code in Molecular Dynamics

    Posted 27 Jul 2014

    gcc -o md md.c -lm

    That's lower-case LM

    -l tells the linker to use this library (in this case, the math library).
  3. In Topic: How to Change Mouse Point Bitmap in turbo C or C++ ?

    Posted 27 Jul 2014

    You get some 16x16 graph paper, and you write out each number in binary (one row of 16 for each 16-bit hexadecimal number).

    When you're bored of that, you throw TC in the bin and you download a modern compiler for your modern OS.
    TC became all but obsolete in 1990 - why are you still using it, 25 years later?
  4. In Topic: parenthesis counter using stack

    Posted 26 Jul 2014

    > 66 if(i != stacktop(&s))
    Wouldn't it be better to compare it with symb?

    > Working on a solution for a long time still cannot debug it. gdb is becoming my next nightmare.
    So rather than read from stdin, start with (in turn)
    char exp[] = "";
    char exp[] = "a";
    char exp[] = "()";
    char exp[] = "(a)";
  5. In Topic: How to choose which picture to load using the CImg library?

    Posted 26 Jul 2014

    > I guess that the c_str() is a method of the string class which returns an array of characters?
    Why don't you just look it up and get an answer?

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    07 Sep 2012 - 02:38
    Please read my thread. I kid! Just want to say your forum avatar is awesome. ^^
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    26 Dec 2010 - 01:36
    Do not PM me for 1:1 support, or to try to get me to read your threads.
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