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  1. In Topic: Writing a C DLL for RunTime C# Query

    Posted 26 Jan 2015

    Let's say you dynamically discover all the methods. Then what? How is your test harness going to know any prerequisites? Maybe the DLL requires a bitmap to be loaded before it can run. Or maybe you have to set a pointer to the output object before running a given method.

    How do you plan to test every kind of method and type, for every kind of dll, with the testing application knowing NOTHING about the dll being tested?

    And methods that return something... Is your test harness going to know how to handle all that as well... When the DLL returns a ValidatedPersonObject or just a pointer to a new object of that type)... but the test app doesn't know what that is... How does the test app confirm the DLL did its job correctly?
  2. In Topic: C# Saving Variables to text file

    Posted 26 Jan 2015

    My suggestion would be to stop trying to architect a solution from scratch. Its just not something you're ready for yet. For some reason it is a very common path rookies take: "I don't know much about the language and even less about the underlying foundation concepts, so I'll architect a complete program and code it - as a way to learn." The problem is they generally don't know enough about design/architecture to be able to plan how the program works.

    This is akin to saying "I don't know anything about cars. I'm going to order a bunch of random parts and sheet metal then build a car, as a way to learn about auto mechanics." They then start with UI because that's easy drag and drop, when in reality UI is the last thing you do after getting all the underlying logic working. So in our car metaphore they build the dashboard before engine. Later they write a question here asking

    Rookie said:

    "My dashboard is done, but it doesn't work right, the speedometer shows -40mph, none of the lights go on, and is missing gauges I need but I can't figure out how or where to add them. I've Googled 'backwards speedometer' but couldn't find a tutorial I could copy/paste from for my exact situation. I also built the doors, but they are 5 inches taller than the chassis and the hinges don't line up. I don't understand how an internal combustion engine works, but I've cobbled together some parts that I found in a catalog however there's no place for the air filter to go. What should I do now?"

    Yes that's funny. But a couple dozen rookies a month ask coding questions here that are just as much a case of doing the last thing first and just groping around in the dark hoping to stumble across an understanding of coding.

    The head of the C# forum has a dozen or more book references pinned. Work a few "Learn C# in 30 days" books FROM COVER TO COVER. Do every assigning and project in them. THEN look at that project ideas topic that is pinned. Build every project in that topic. If you can't whack those out with ease you are not ready to try designing your own software yet.

    Be patient and learn before you try doing. You didn't just jump into a race car on your first day of driver education. You have to learn the basics as a solid foundation to build upon.

    You said:

    But I have a couple months experience in class or with another language. I don't feel I need to start from page 1 of a textbook on C#.

    If that were true you wouldn't be here asking basic questions that would have been covered in that C# book you don't want to read. At least go through the tutorial list. If you breeze through it and there's nothing new to learn in any of them that's great and you'll only have lost an hour or two. If you spend a week on them, that's good too because you will have picked up vital skills you require for this (and most any) project.

    Then the list of rookie projects pinned at the head of the C# thread. They are introductory projects that will help you evaluate your skills, and build them up. If you can't fly through self-contained projects then be honest with yourself and realize you're not ready to take on a project that interacts with someone else's software. If you do fly through them and you don't find anything in these tutorials that is new to you, then the next step with this project should seem pretty clear.

    Tutorials I recommend:

  3. In Topic: Arrow keys behaving erratically on listview

    Posted 26 Jan 2015

    Hmmm... I may have to study that code I mentioned in more detail later. It was a desktop application running in a networked environment. Not web. So 200 machines all talking to the same database server and they would all be notified when there was a database update. Our C# code would get events for "CurrentSongChanged", "CurrentSongPlayPosition", "MediaMetadataUpdate" and so on.
  4. In Topic: Arrow keys behaving erratically on listview

    Posted 26 Jan 2015

    Isn't that what trigger events are for: To notify about DB changes? I don't profess to be any sort of DB admin or anything, but I've worked in environments where we (the C# guys) received event notifications from the database(s). New piece of media arrives: Event. Song gets played: Event for the updating of the 'LastPlayed' field. I know all of this was (in some way) done as triggers that existed on the MSSQL database, that went to the OR/M, that became events on the objects.
  5. In Topic: Arrow keys behaving erratically on listview

    Posted 26 Jan 2015

    Any time you are using a timer like that you're already in trouble. C# is an Event Driven language. You want to NOT be doing this crazy timer thing and just refresh when you get an event, such as when a new item has been added to the list that your ListView uses as its source.

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    19 Aug 2013 - 20:28
    Ah - I *am* blind.
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    19 Aug 2013 - 15:53
    Yes there is, you have Awards, About me, Posts and Blog. That is right under your status.
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    18 Aug 2013 - 10:16
    Am I just blind, or is there no link on a person's profile page to their blog? That's silly.
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    18 Aug 2013 - 10:13
    Yep. They are coding on a "Whole 'nother level" above my last employer. Makes me feel like like I'm in the special slow learners group. But that's a nice side effect of new environments: They make you stretch past your comfort zone and learn new techniques.
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    05 Aug 2013 - 06:17
    At least you found job :)
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    04 Aug 2013 - 12:53
    01aug13: I've changed employers and no longer working at home. So I won't be answering posts in real-time through out the work day. Don't take this as disinterest in the site. Its just I can't do that from a new office as a new employee. So its nights and weekends for me.
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    12 Jul 2013 - 06:55
    Thanks! I've only just gotten on the computer this morning and saw it myself.
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    12 Jul 2013 - 06:39
    Congrats on 5000 :)
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    05 Jun 2013 - 11:15
    I need to run through them and clean them up, stitch panoramas together etc. Shot about 700 frames. I'll keep maybe 50 at most. 10% or little less is about average.
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    05 Jun 2013 - 10:28
    Post some pictures, will you?
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    05 Jun 2013 - 09:20
    Back from vacation. I was away for nearly a month (if anyone noticed). But Alaska was beautiful.
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    31 Dec 2012 - 08:56
    Thanks! I see the voting is closed.
    I had to laugh when I saw I was even on the "nicest member" list - Everyone knows I'm the brutally honest old man LOL.
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    31 Dec 2012 - 02:28
    Congratulations for the "Most Helpful- Programming" shared 1st place award!
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