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  1. In Topic: Changing database values

    Posted 19 Dec 2014

    View PosttlhIn`toq, on 14 December 2014 - 01:10 PM, said:


    string strSQL = "UPDATE tblUsers SET Locked=true WHERE UserID=?";

    Just a thought... But I doubt the userId is a question mark. Maybe you have to actually supply the ID such as 1, 2, 3 ... So the db knows which user to update.

    FYI, in Access, ? is a parameter. You can include named parameters, but they won't be applied that way; they'll be applied in the order in which they were sent.
  2. In Topic: SQL Class - with parameters?

    Posted 18 Dec 2014

    rgfirefly24 is correct. You need to flip your logic a bit. You seem to want a single class, single method that can execute any arbitrary query using parameters. Well, you could do that, but it would be difficult and bad design. It would mean that everywhere you had to do the query, that part of the code would have to know what its own query is. If you ever changed databases, you'd have to go to every single query in your code and fix it.

    On the other hand, if you designed your "Data Layer" like an API (the things calling into it don't care how the data is gotten, just that it is), you make maintenance much easier.

    Here's the long and short of it. Instead of passing datareaders or datatables around, you should make Models of your objects. For instance, if you have a table called Person, you could have a class that matches.

    In your data layer, you would have a method called "GetPerson" (perhaps) that would take an integer parameter, and return the Person record who's ID matches the provided value. You would perform the query entirely inside that method, and then create a new Person object and fill it, then return that.

    That way, the calling code doesn't have to know SQL. All it has to do is say "give me the person who's ID = 10".
  3. In Topic: Expression difference?

    Posted 18 Dec 2014

    Well, I'm not sure then. I would suggest to not try to parse out the date for each iteration (you're doing a lot of extra comparisons on something that won't change, and parsing a date for each one), but I'd suggest that for both snippets, to be honest.

    Can you try something like this and see if the LINQ gives you the desired output:

    var ed = DateTime.Now.Year >= 2015 ? DateTime.Parse("3000-01-01") : DateTime.Parse("2014-01-01");
    var cp = m.historicalProviderChoices.FirstOrDefault(p => p.endDate == ed);
  4. In Topic: C# Client Was Not Authenticated Error

    Posted 18 Dec 2014

    The C# Advanced Discussion forum is for discussions, not help Q&A. I've moved your topic into the standard C# forum.

    From what I've seen online, providing a username/password should work. You should verify that the account that you're trying to use is not locked or expired.

    Otherwise, there are some suggestions here:
  5. In Topic: Expression difference?

    Posted 18 Dec 2014

    Well, the LINQ version will return the first match. Your loop will return the last match, because you're not breaking once you've found an item.

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    "Leveling up." I like that!
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    Yar ya see, i remember when yee wer purple!
    Anyways congrats! It's weird seeing people who've been one way so long "leveling up" :P.
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    Excellent C# tutorials, they've taught me a lot I didn't know. Please keep more of the good stuff coming! :D
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    Yeah, felt like "professionalizing".
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