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  1. In Topic: Pass data from one window to another or to a user control

    Posted 2 Sep 2014

    I feel that you're just not understanding the concepts we're showing you. Just because the NameUpdatedEventArgs you created only has one property doesn't mean it has to have one property. That's your "vehicle" to move data. It's the "Event Arguments", the data that the event pertains to. So, if it makes sense, you can add more properties to that class and fill them as necessary.
  2. In Topic: Mechanical Keyboards

    Posted 2 Sep 2014

    For the record, the Cyclosa isn't a mechanical keyboard, it's a rubber dome keyboard. So, expect a completely different feel when/if you get one with actual mechanical switches.

    If I were you, I'd check out one of the mech forums like geekhack or /r/mechanicalkeyboards to find their buying guides, they'll have lists of ones that fit your requirement. Also, I think /r/mechanicalkeyboards has a stickied "what should I buy" thread.
  3. In Topic: Pass data from one window to another or to a user control

    Posted 29 Aug 2014

    Here's your problem:

    //Code required for getting the current user's name from the 'MainWindow'
    MainWindow MW = new MainWindow();

    That's not correct. You're creating a new MainWindow, never displaying it, and trying to listen to it's changes. Of course it will never change, because you've never displayed it.

    Instead, since you're creating your HomeWindow from inside an already existing MainWindow (and that's the one you want to listen to events for), you need to make sure you pass a reference of that main window to the home window.

    You can add a constructor to your HomeWindow class that takes a MainWindow parameter and saves it to a class-level variable. Then, when you want to subscribe to the event, use that saved instance, rather than creating a new one.

    The constructor would look like this:

    public HomeWindow(MainWindow mainWindow){
      MainWindow = mainWindow;
      //rest of subscribing code
    The way you would pass it would be like this:
    [code]HomeWindow hw = new HomeWindow(this);
  4. In Topic: Pass data from one window to another or to a user control

    Posted 29 Aug 2014

    View Postdanbywinby, on 29 August 2014 - 11:30 AM, said:

    Yeah because it is declared in the 'MainWindow' but i don't understand why it is not working in the 'HomeWindow'.

    ...because it's declared in the MainWindow class. That's exactly why. Not the File, but inside the class itself. Move the class declaration outside the MainWindow class declaration. If you really want to make sure, create a new class file and move it there.

    And you don't have to name it NameUpdatedEventArgs, name it whatever makes sense to your program.
  5. In Topic: Pass data from one window to another or to a user control

    Posted 29 Aug 2014

    That's because you've defined it inside another class. FYI, it would be much easier for us to help if you posted updated code.

    But my guess is that you've defined the class inside the Homewindow class, which it shouldn't be. If you declare it outside the other class, as public or internal, it should be visible.

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    Yar ya see, i remember when yee wer purple!
    Anyways congrats! It's weird seeing people who've been one way so long "leveling up" :P.
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