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  1. In Topic: Database Design Giant Tables or multiple small Tables

    Posted 4 Oct 2015

    View Postbenanamen, on 04 October 2015 - 10:40 PM, said:

    ... up to at least the 2nd Normal form ...

    Generally you would aim for the 3NF, for the database to be considered properly normalized.

    For the original question: never sacrifice data integrity because you think you're handling too much data. Not until you reach monumental sizes (like Facebook or Twitter!) do you have a somewhat valid excuse to start screwing up the structure to optimize. And even then, you'd be better of storing the bulk of the data in a non-relational database rather than use a screwed up relational schema. (But at that point you'd no doubt have a team of expert DBAs working for you, so they could take care of all that.)

    If you're going to use a relational database, do it right, or don't do it at all.

    When you're talking about data volume in a database, it's more logical to talk in terms of storage space and bandwidth, rather than number of records kept. The number of tables/rows/columns doesn't make much of a difference, only how much space the data occupies, and how much traffic is being handled.
  2. In Topic: window.location.href

    Posted 4 Oct 2015

    If you need two values in the query string, just add them one after the other.

    See details here.
    (Or just Google something like: "URL query string". There are articles about this all over the place.)
  3. In Topic: window.location.href

    Posted 4 Oct 2015

    Hey. I don't see you use the "case_no" parameter anywhere in that code. Your location.href line is redirecting to the "comreply_id" parameter.
  4. In Topic: New to java how to involve a database ?

    Posted 4 Oct 2015

    The answer to that depends a lot on how you want to store the data. Are you planing to have an actual database server, or would storing the data on the user's hard-drive suffice?

    JDBC is the back-bone for a lot of database interaction in Java. It can connect you to any number of different platforms, from file-based systems like SQLite, to actual databases servers like MySQL or Oracle. I'd start by studying that.
  5. In Topic: what's wrong? i can't run any php file

    Posted 4 Oct 2015

    How are you trying to "run" the files?

    PHP is (usually) a server-side language, run through a HTTP server. If you simply open the ".php" files from your file-system, they won't run.

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  1. Photo

    Anuraj23 Icon

    24 Nov 2012 - 00:43
  2. Photo

    Atli Icon

    21 Sep 2012 - 03:19
    Hey lyster. Please post questions like that in the forums. That's what they're there for.
  3. Photo

    lyster Icon

    21 Sep 2012 - 00:40
    i just can't figure out what are the possible tables,,i want to know normalization well..u_u
  4. Photo

    lyster Icon

    21 Sep 2012 - 00:34
    hi there mr. atli..i hope you could give me some advices and idea on how to make an erd on my mini mortuary_system,thanks god bless you..
    by the way im a student of a state college here in the philippines.
  5. Photo

    kimimimi Icon

    26 Aug 2012 - 00:37
    please help me
  6. Photo

    xenoslash Icon

    19 Jul 2012 - 23:35
    You are quite possibly the most helpful member of the community. I wish I could +1 you more than once for every long (and useful!) post you make.
  7. Photo

    Maryam.m Icon

    23 Jun 2012 - 10:52
    hey i understood what should i do!!!
    i'm so happy :D :D
  8. Photo

    polyosis Icon

    11 Jun 2012 - 16:49
    I would like to thank you on your advice with my site path and installation problems, you are most kind my friend.
  9. Photo

    Atli Icon

    14 Apr 2012 - 05:22
    Yea it seems to like you, Dimitri ;)
  10. Photo

    DimitriV Icon

    08 Apr 2012 - 19:20
    Your avatar… it blinked at me.
  11. Photo

    Atli Icon

    06 Nov 2011 - 19:49
    Hehe. Thanks guys :)
  12. Photo

    Dogstopper Icon

    06 Nov 2011 - 19:19
    Lookin' a little blue there. Cheer up man! You're a mod! Congratz!
  13. Photo

    codeprada Icon

    06 Nov 2011 - 18:34
    It's about time. Congrats on reaching blue status.
  14. Photo

    n00l3 Icon

    05 Sep 2011 - 12:59
    Happy birthday! :D
  15. Photo

    cupidvogel Icon

    03 Sep 2011 - 23:06
    I can't seem to like your reply to my jQuery post an hour ago (fantastic explanation it was), because the Javascript in my browser is somewhat malfunctioning. I will like it later, ok?
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