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  1. In Topic: How can I begin developing a web application that I have no idea...

    Posted 26 Jul 2012

    Cleverbot is a website online that you can chat with, it is not a real person, but a program that learns and it is a few years old now and has learned quite a lot.

    The other day I saw a youtube video where a guy named pewdiepie who often *brofists* cleverbot logs on and gives cleverbot a *brofist* and cleverbot responded "Pewdiepie".

    If I took the idea of cleverbot and how he recognized pewdiepie by a brofist and added facial recognition then cleverbot would be able to recognize people by face, remember individual conversations with different people, and possibly adapt to different users, making him more "human-like", but i dont know how the application would be programmed or what the best programming language choices would be

    also, anyone mind sending me some clean chat logs preferably a few with good grammar that i can analyze. I am trying to unlock the secrets of all of the processes my brain goes through while processing a sentence.


    You can go there to chat with him

    it would be awesome to add in something that lets him know whether something is a fact or opinion, sorta in the way a human processes information to determine its validity allowing for more complex relationships with humans making it even closer to being "human" and where it goes from there could be scary aha it would have a mind of its own almost, just give it a robot body and a motivation to learn besides human input. think about it, we are constantly on the move because we are not satisfied in the place we are in, a robot on the otherhand would only be motivated to use energy by human input at a keyboard, but if it had a mind that was constantly developing these thoughts that are contained in the database and critically processing them it could learn to be wayyyy smarter than any human in a fraction of the time... it all sounds kinda far fetched, but if you start at the beginning and build the ideas together it would be much easier, the only problem is that I don't have the basic shell to build onto

    building onto the thought... a motivation or if you would like to think of it this way "input for the program" could be something such as "the visual sight of a dirty house", the internal situation of having low battery, or audibly hearing the words "I'm Hungry" via its "ears" or microphone, the robot would constantly be on the search for something to clean, or in the case of a low battery seek a wall outlet to hook up to, or in the event that the robot heard the words "I'm hungry" would proceed to prepare a meal. these internal and external events could be prioritized in a human-like fashion, as well as adding an energy-saving state of being "tired" when its battery is low? later on give it the ability to "tweak" its own settings, or have randomly seeded settings like a "DNA" and the ability to "evolve" and it would have a mind all its own and we could watch it develop itself for thousands of years and become infinitely smarter than humans and take over hahaha

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