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  1. In Topic: Moving listbox selection to a new listbox in a new form. Homework Help

    Posted 12 Sep 2014

    1st tip: Rename your controls. You have a listBox1 on both Form1 and Form2. It will avoid confusion if everything has different (and logical) names.

    2nd tip: In lines 11 and 50 you call the ToString method. The variable is already of type string, there is no reason to cast it again. Calling ToString on a string object is a pet peeve of mine.

    The listBox1 variable should be initialized in the InitializeComponent method. Ensure that the constructor calls that method. You may also go into the InitializeComponent method to manual check that the variable is being set correctly. Don't make any changes if it is not. Every change to the WYSIWYG editor will cause that file to be recreated.
  2. In Topic: Read barcode without having the focus on text box using WPF

    Posted 5 Sep 2014

    Show us the code of how you get it into the textbox. It should be easy if you are reading the raw input.

    If you are using the scanner as a keyboard we can't give you much help. Each scanner manufacturer is different in how they implement raw input. Check their website for an SDK and/or walkthrough.
  3. In Topic: Form gets locked up when connecting to database

    Posted 19 Aug 2014

    It is best to get into the habit to always do those things correctly the first time. There are too many times a developer (including me sometimes) will "clean it up later" and end up never going back to clean it up.

    It doesn't look like anyone explained why you are getting the freezing problem. When you click a button the UI thread runs the handler method. A thread can only do one thing at a time. It needs to wait until the handler method finishes before it can go on to handle other events like listening for any new mouse or button events. If you have a method that could take some time to finish your UI thread will wait the entire time. That is why you should push it off to a background worker/thread. If the task is going to take 100 ms, say create and run a worker thread, you can usually not care that the UI thread was frozen for that amount of time.
  4. In Topic: Methods and arguments

    Posted 4 Aug 2014

    Here's a "real world" example that I hope helps make it clearer for you.

    You have a car. You name it "herbie".
    Car herbie = new Car();

    Your car breaks down and you take it to the shop.

    The repair shop fixes lots of cars. The mechanics don't keep track of each car name. They have a standard name for any car that pulls in.
    public void Fix(Car carInLift2)

    When they got a car they always refer to it as carInLift2. So your car is still called herbie by you, but the shop calls it by a different name. Your herbie and their carInLift2 are the same. A week later when kitt comes in to be fixed it will also be called carInLift2 by the shop. Now your herbie and their carInLift2 are not the same. A different argument was passed to the method.
  5. In Topic: employers want many many skills just to do one job (advice?)

    Posted 31 Jul 2014

    I've seen postings asking for 20+ years experience of .NET development. I doubt they will find anyone with 20+ years experience in a technology 12 years old. This is usually the hiring manager saying they need a .NET developer and HR adding the 20+ years experience because anyone that was coding in 1994 is obviously good at coding today.

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    thanks. i want to be your apprentice.
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