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  1. In Topic: ASP.NET and MySQL development

    Posted 28 Jan 2016

    If I install the MySQL ODBC driver then can I choose Microsoft ODBC Data Source in the new connection wizard? If so, do I have to install this on both the server and the clients or just one or the other?

    Using the MySQL Installer instead of installing things piece meal made things just work.
  2. In Topic: Key press to continue booting

    Posted 28 Jan 2016

    Hi, forgot to make a note of the errors before. They were:
    Non Fujitsu Siemens Memory Module detected - Warranty restricted
    Secondary Master Drive - ATAPI Incompatible

    But I found the option in BIOS to stop pausing on errors so the problem is solved. Thanks guys.
  3. In Topic: Key press to continue booting

    Posted 27 Jan 2016

    Tried it just now, I couldn't find a floppy drive entry in the boot list. I tried toggling some options that seemed related to floppy drives but nothing has worked yet.

    The boot priority list looks like this.
    1st boot device: CD/DVD
    2nd boot device: SATA
    3rd boot device: USB

    The BIOS main page shows this:
    Primary IDE Master: Hard Disk
    Primary IDE Slave: Hard Disk
    Secondary IDE Master: Hard Disk
    Secondary IDE Slave: Not detected
    Third IDE Master: ATAPI CD ROM
    Third IDE Slave: Not detected
  4. In Topic: Key press to continue booting

    Posted 26 Jan 2016

    Thanks very much, I'll try it tomorrow morning.
  5. In Topic: Key press to continue booting

    Posted 26 Jan 2016

    I'll have to find a moment tomorrow when the server's not in use to get you the full message. It's sort of like this image http://cdn2.pcadviso...s-which-key.jpg.

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    ishkabible Icon

    19 Oct 2011 - 20:32
    your rep is a power of 2!!
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    c infant Icon

    15 Nov 2010 - 12:48
    thanks for the help m8, actually figured out where I was going wrong b4 looking at ur reply,but ur tips will come in handy for my next project.Thanks again c infant.
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