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  1. In Topic: New Year, New Admin- Modi123_1

    Posted 17 Jan 2015

    You're very helpful and I'm sure you've helped me a few times too, you're quite active and you certainly deserve the promotion!
    Congratulations, I hope it goes well for you!
    And remember, the usual, with great power comes great responsibility!
  2. In Topic: Collaborative Effort

    Posted 24 Apr 2014

    View Postalapee, on 25 April 2014 - 07:58 AM, said:

    DayZ did come to mind, so did several others. If you were going to do a zombie action, why not play the zombie?

    Or design the zombies you survive from!

    I came up with this a while ago, nothing has come of it yet as I've been working on another game:
    Game Info
    Possible Name: ???
    Graphics: 2D
    Language: C# / Open TK
    The game starts out in a panel where the user gets to create the zombies of their choice.
    The player can choose certain traits and apply skill points to level up certain aspects of the zombies.
    After the player is done, they can then choose to play the game and attempt to survive the zombies they have created.
    Certain things such as killing and survival time, saving ammo, etc, will gain the player skill points to build up their zombies even more for the next round, as well as purchase items for the player.
    *Design zombies using skill points and applying traits.
     -Possible customization of the actual zombie look. Basic sprite editor of some kind,  allowing the player to create their own zombies that look how they want them to.
    *use skill points to purchase items for the player. Guns and armor, etc.
     -possibly use some kind of money rather then the skill points.
    *Possibly a public level editor, so the player may build basic levels to survive in.
    *Possibly little missions for the included levels, such as reach a certain point, or kill x number of zombies in x time.
    *Special one-use items such as air support either bought with points or won using the above mentioned missions
    *If released to the public, service for uploading ones own creations(levels and zombies).
    *Save/Load game. What good would the game be without saving!
    *Achievements. So you know when you've done good.
    *Maybe multiplayer. Survive with a friend or two.
     -Not sure how to work the zombies here. Maybe the player who sets up the game can design the zombies between each round and everyone else can watch/chat in some kind of pre-game room.
    *Sounds & Music. Listen to horror music while being devoured by your own creation.
  3. In Topic: Collaborative Effort

    Posted 24 Apr 2014

    I have written a 2D rpg game with mobs and inventories and such in C# with monogame.
    And some basic stuff with Unity 3D.
    So if you're using c# I might be helpful.
  4. In Topic: Cooking Up Some Password Hash

    Posted 3 Mar 2014

    Yea I think a lot of people actually do store it in the database and link it to the user.
    As long as your users are using secure passwords you should be pretty good.
    Should also possibly implement some security to prevent brute forcing, for example I heard some sites actually intentionally slow down the login request by a little bit(like 300ms).
    Makes no difference to the user but if you're running thousands of requests it would slow them down a bit. Also, you could implement a system that allows 5 password attempts before either locking the account or blocking login requests from that IP for like 30 minutes or something, a lot of forums and such I've seen do that.

    And ah, well if you change your mind I also linked the compatibility library, same functions for PHP 5.3.7+.
  5. In Topic: You're DOING IT WRONG!

    Posted 3 Mar 2014

    Well that's a lot of bad code!
    Nothing hurts my eyes more then using mysql_* functions to insert _GET or _POST variables directly into the database.
    It's like plain-text passwords with a public phpmyadmin using a root with a password of 'abc123' or something.
    Seriously I think it could give some developers a stroke!

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