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  1. In Topic: can a drop get job in google or facebook or apple as software engineer

    Posted 29 Apr 2013

    View PostLemur, on 29 April 2013 - 09:00 PM, said:

    Now here's the second part: wonder why they have all that nice stuff in office? They effectively expect you to live at work. That's awesome for some people that love it, but for others they never think about it until they're about to jump out a window. Remember that one.

    Not at all. It's a great place to work for if you have a family, because, in addition to all the family perks, the working hours are ridiculously flexible. gSome people do spend lots of hours there, of course, but only because they enjoy it so much.
  2. In Topic: Number Theory Challenge: 4-digit palindromic numbers

    Posted 18 Apr 2013

    x*10^3 + y*10^2 + y*10 + x = 11 * (x*91 + y*10)
  3. In Topic: Playing with ciphers and the Sieve of Atkin

    Posted 7 Mar 2013

    View Postmacosxnerd101, on 07 March 2013 - 02:03 PM, said:

    This optimization follows from the fact that n has no more than sqrt(n) primes.

    That's not how/why it works. If n=3, there are more than sqrt(n) primes. What you're "hitting" are not primes, they are factors of composite numbers you're trying to remove. The reason you can stop at sqrt(n) is because any composite number <= n will have at least one factor <= sqrt(n). Since you only need to "hit" one of their factors you can stop at sqrt(n).

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