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  1. In Topic: [Solved] Fedora -> Using Kate like PuTTY?

    Posted 21 Sep 2013

    Honestly I am surprised no one mentioned scp until the end there.

    I would recommend doing all your edits on your machine then just copying them to the university servers with scp. Another option to explore would be using git if you are working on a larger project and pushing to the university server.
  2. In Topic: [Link] Linux to Drop Support for Intel 386 Chips

    Posted 2 Jan 2013

    If people would use it they would maintain it. No one is stopping them from putting it back in.
  3. In Topic: Advertising for the Student Population

    Posted 4 Dec 2012

    Ok my advertisment sugestion is not really advertisement. I am in grade twelve and I can tell you what seemed to work. Everyone and I mean everyone does online advertising. Nice and easy and all however my recommendation is to invest on a good charismatic speaker dude/sales representative (I forget the job position some sort of councilor). Anyways why I say this is there is this one guy who came from across the country to talk to my school division. Him and his 1 hour long power point presentation were able to half convince most of my grade to pack up now and move 3000 kilometers away from home.

    Ok so why a person and not some random add. Because everyone does random adds, however not too universities come to your school and present to you about what they are about. When you come to us in person it shows that you care because you are ready to send people a few thousand kilometers to meet and talk to us. Also nothing beats the human connection.

    Just my personal experience.
    BTW I hate ads.
  4. In Topic: Need members for completely beginer gaming team

    Posted 13 Nov 2012

    Also I would like to add my time is very limited. I am working on my last year of higschool, a piano exam and my black belt for taekwondo.

    My point instead of making a bunch of small seperate apps why not start on working on the games now. We can identify what type of game we want to make if it is zehawk's lerriac or something else. Then we figure out different parts of the game and we work on those.

    Example we want to learn classes one week we make a block class. The next week someone is interested in making containers we start on maps etc...
  5. In Topic: Need members for completely beginer gaming team

    Posted 13 Nov 2012

    @cbrawl: Well I lounge around on freenode a lot. It depends on the person.

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    30 May 2011 - 00:54
    so have you worked with the wp cumulus code and if so have you known how you use it in another site apart from wordpress oriented sites?
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    30 May 2011 - 00:51
    hey do you have any tweaks in java?
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