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  1. In Topic: Need Help with JAVA Quiz

    Posted 25 Nov 2015

    I suspect it's too late.

    Wow! That's a lot of code, much of it repeated over and over again. You wouldn't have liked my suggestion, even if it had been made in time for you to implement it. I would have suggested rewriting your code so that ALL questions were posed by ONE method and then evaluated by another single method.

    Since you'd like to give the user the option to exit at any time, any method that was waiting for user input would also include the option to enter a response that indicated "exit now." How that response is coded to exit can be done more than one way. Staying consistent with my first suggestion, the exit response would be passed to the answer evaluation method which would then dump the user to an exit.

    In future, ANYTIME you're writing nearly the same code more than once, consider how that code could be generalized to a single method that could be used multiple times. In this case, it would not have been hard, and it would have saved you significant effort and made your program much shorter and simpler.

    Keep coding!
  2. In Topic: Getting Java Source Code

    Posted 22 Nov 2015

    Have you searched for the source code? You're asking a non-specific question that is difficult to answer.
  3. In Topic: Reading from txt Files

    Posted 22 Nov 2015

    Post the EXACT text of the errors you want help with. "Cannot find symbol" errors are typically not caused by what you've guessed, BUT with the exact error message, we'll help you take away the GUESSwork and suggest how you might correct the code.
  4. In Topic: First Gui program

    Posted 22 Nov 2015

    Really? Your first one? Not bad, and you've used some advanced stuff like anonymous inner classes.

    The biggest item I think you should look into is running the application on the Event Dispatch Thread, or EDT. You can learn about this by searching.

    Experiment with packing (pack()) your frame before setting it visible and its effects on other parts of the code, like setSize().

    Some nits

    I get on most everybody about code comments. Why aren't there any?

    I don't like the variable names FTOC and CTOF. They don't follow Java's naming conventions and they're a bit mysterious. 'panel' and 'frame' (and others) are also too general.

    You may develop your own naming conventions to immediately know what a name represents. For example, looking at this program a few days from now, you may wonder what the 'celsius' variable is. To avoid that, you might add 'Lbl' or some other designator you like to remind you that it's a JLabel.

    Other than those minor points, keep studying and practicing!
  5. In Topic: Having problems with while loop and exceptions

    Posted 15 Nov 2015

    Did you go far enough in the lesson to see this part and the next 2 or 3 parts?

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    30 Apr 2015 - 05:44
    Greeting from mireille i saw your profile today and i became interested in you and i will like to know more about you and if you can mail an email to my mail address ( i will give you my is my mail address i hope we can move from here.above. Mireille
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    30 Jun 2014 - 20:52
    Hey greg, will you help me code in java? I know nothing and currently looking for a mentor, I would love to have you mentoring me
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    24 Feb 2013 - 16:06
    Hi Greg
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