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  1. In Topic: Adding images to photoshop a4 template

    Posted 3 Jul 2015

    problem is i cannot find out some enough resource from where start to go. I found only inputs how to read images from photoshop or similar Staff. Hope someone from this forum can point correct place i could Begin. Anyhow i am still looking for it myself without success.
  2. In Topic: Dll libraries are not refreshing

    Posted 15 Jun 2015

    i noticed that referenced are marked as CopyLocal set to true, so its not the case, however i checked also set to false and also not changed the situation i am. I found out one possible solution to mark project which are consuming libraries to Unload, then Reload and rebuild. Doing this way it will use most recent dll version. However i created simple new solution with two projects - one as library and second as console. Funny is when i change something to lib and rebuilt whole solution then console uses most recent dll version. So somehow this new solution is working correct even without unload/reload/rebuilt. Means there is somwhere more better option instead of unload/reload/rebuilt but cant find it (right now doing unload/reload/rebuilt)
  3. In Topic: Postgres uses a lot of memory

    Posted 15 May 2015

    hi andrewsw,
    sure i will check and examine queries e.g count(*), likes etc. it could consume a lot of memory as well. What about self postgres configuration itself, is there somethin within postgres i could take a look, or even limit memory usage?
  4. In Topic: migrate bulk insert from sql server to oracle

    Posted 28 Apr 2015

    I dont want to migrate data from sql server database. What i need is to replace actuall code loader but now for oracle. SQl server bul is good because i am not obligated to defife config file like is within sql loader tool. My application is gathering a lot of .csv delimeted files with diffrent count of columns etc. Sql server bulk is independent of that but if i would go sql loader then i would need to define for each file its own config and thats what i would like toa avoid.
  5. In Topic: Log class in use by diffrent windows services

    Posted 27 Mar 2015

    Yes i still didn't get appropriate answer, can anyone give some feedback on last question?

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