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NotarySojac's debian career > Git (Basic -> Intermediate): Manipulate and tidy up your commit history (git squash)

Posted 18 April 2013

Git commit histories can sometimes be a mess to look at. Sometimes you make multiple commits that work on the same feature, and when you're done with the feature, you'd like to just merge the commits together so they show up in the history as a single commit. Sometimes you make one commit, and then you realized you left in some debugging...

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NotarySojac's debian career > How to Encrypt Your Emails (PGP ftw!)

Posted 13 February 2013

This is a written tutorial and video walkthrough on how to use PGP to encrypt your email. The videos were done in a windows environment, but Video 2 and 3 in the series should give you a decent idea of how things work if you're a linux user. In section A of this writeup, I discuss linux installation and briefly go point Mac`ers to the proper...

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The Rails Future > js - unit testing with jasmine

Posted 13 July 2012

I've been working on a web application side project for several months now and I'm just now to the point where I need to start thinking about refactoring some common javascript code into separate files. That kind of a 'migration' can be very stressful and often leads to thoughts of uncertainty. For instance, there is...

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NotarySojac's debian career > Debian - Setting up Raid 1 (mirroring harddrives)

Posted 03 May 2012

Before we begin, let me point out some benefits of using raid 1 mirroring. First, your mp3 files won't have their meta tags jumbled up and mangled by typical hard drive corruption. Also your movie files won't suddnely stop playing past certain points due to corruption. Umm... your exe files won't randomly give you errors about not...

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NotarySojac's debian career > Setting up a PXE server and booting a client (TFTP, PXE, DHCP, ...NFS...)

Posted 19 March 2012

Have you ever wanted to use that fancy bios feature that you never had the time to straighten out? I'm talking about PXE...

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