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  1. In Topic: What are you working on today?

    Posted 26 Apr 2013

    Today, I'll be fixing 3 PC's with viruses, 1 with a broken screen, custom building a desktop, scanning hard drives in the mean time for errors and overheating, and whatever else all these customers want :online2long:
  2. In Topic: i died laughing!

    Posted 14 Dec 2012

    By the end of page 1 I was laughing hard...not at everything. Thanks for making my day DIC
  3. In Topic: What did you guys do to "get the ball rolling"?

    Posted 14 Dec 2012

    I started handing out flyers. Let me state... I did include small repairs and stuff. Try to do everything I knew. I went to gas stations, stores, gaming type stores, businesses (network network network...), residential... if post master didnt like I put flyers on side of mailbox I knocked on doors. The first month I handed out 4- 5 reams of that mess. I only had about 2 calls a week on small repairs. I met up with 2 businesses over the course of 3 months that allowed me to build their website and maintain it for a small fee each month. Granted, I made decent pages from HTML/CSS at the time (I havent brushed up on that skill in over 4 years...) .. I was severely underpaid. We are talking less than 300 a site 5 years ago. I know companies now make them for about 100 but it is what it is. At any rate I continued till I could afford a small shop. I turned into the shop with less than $20 in my pocket (not thinking a full set of goals and plans...DO THIS..MAKE GOALS...learn from my mistakes...)

    I did however sustain the business with the first six months making less than 700$ a month. Barely enough for food on table with me and 2 kids. With that being said, things exploded. had 3 employees and chaos. But, due to not enough research into things would have taught me to let customers know time-frames, how busy I am, rush-fee upfront ideas, and so on and so on...

    Having $2,000 profit in my pocket a month was wild for me. So, I thought I could run with it going fast. Didnt consider times getting slower and such. This is all over the two year time frame. Suddenly the last 2 1/2 months there was just a halt in business. It wasn't the walk-in as much as it was what was going out.. plus there was personal investments w/ family that I greatly regret.

    After finally having a stable life for me and two kids I lost it all... became homeless for a bit even. I still dont have a working car (its been 9 months since I lost business).

    Why did I give you a short version of a drama-filled story?

    When you go into starting your own business here are some recommendations from someone who just had the experience and will be doing it again God willing...

    did i mention...PLAN
    (plans fall through, but at least you know you can adjust)
    dont hire accountant until you think you need employees. At this point you need someone to help you manage money. Cause, things will get crazy. You may be the ultimate multi-tasker...but you cant do it all
    I like Dave Ramsey when it comes to budgeting. His plan is SOLID...and laid out in the most basic form. With motivation.
    Dont spend money. Invest small when it comes to retail sales. Just buy 4 - 5 of 15 diff items rather than 100 of 4 or 5 items because its even cheaper. Find what sells in your area first then invest. (example: found my best seller as pc store to be iGo chargers. I could get them at $22, sell with warranty at 65 while local big chains selling them at $85)
    Plan on burning the midnight oil. Stimulates may help.
    GET OUT... dont get so consumed that you dont have you time twice a week with loved ones or friends

    I just want people that want to do it on their own to know... its a hard road...its a REWARDING road... you must keep your eyes on the road

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