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  1. In Topic: Deep understanding of digital sound

    Posted 26 Sep 2012

    I don't think wav uses any sort of algorithm to compress the content.

    However again I don't know HOW the analog signal gets converted into the digital one. (And vice-versa)
  2. In Topic: Deep understanding of digital sound

    Posted 26 Sep 2012

    As far as I know "computer readable data" are binary numbers. (0 and 1)
    A digital signal is a block signal, from which the up's are seen as 1s and the down's as 0s.
    So a digital signal can easily put on a computer and read from it

    My question is actually about how this digital (block) signal is converted into the analog "waves", because I don't understand how those bits could get converted into a waving signal from various frequencies and strengths.
  3. In Topic: Server-less P2P network

    Posted 18 Sep 2012

    I think I misunderstood the concept of server-less P2P networking.

    For me the "super-node" or "another client" which has to be hard-coded in the program, sounds like some sort of server to me.
    Now it looks a lot less impressive :P
    (I will read myself more in the subject)

    Anyway everyone many thanks for the help and explanation.
  4. In Topic: Server-less P2P network

    Posted 17 Sep 2012

    There are two things I don't understand on (server-less) P2P networking.

    Each peer would act as a server as well as a client.
    Normally when you start running a server - actually waiting for incoming connections on a certain port - your firewall has to allow it as well as your router has to forward/open the ports.
    So when I run a normal server (client-server architecture) it won't be accessible if my router is not configured. But I can participate in P2P networking without any problems.
    Here I don't understand how this "server" could run. (I understand the client part)

    How the other peers could be found.
    As I said there won't be a list. And scanning all possible IPs from to - if there is another peer behind - sounds "a bit" devious to me.
    I read about peer groups and channels, but that also doesn't look very server-less. Because those groups and channels should also be maintained by a main-server. Doesn't it?

    So it is all really unclear to me.
  5. In Topic: Glitch in my program

    Posted 17 Aug 2012

    It is not that you have to bump to the next line the first time, but it is when you read a integer there is still a line break on the stream.
    This have to be removed after the integer is read.

    adolf625's code should work, but I think it's a bit inefficient.
    Because only the stream has to be flushed (after the integer and) before reading new lines.
    My version:
    keyboard.nextLine(); // flush stream
    for (int index = 0; index < players.length; index++)
    	System.out.print( "Enter the name of player " + (index+ 1) +  ": ");
    	players[index] = keyboard.nextLine();

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    Dude.. I wanna talk to you about Operating System Development.. Just need some help..
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    Dude.. I wanna talk to you about Operating System Development.. Just need some help..
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