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  1. In Topic: Programmatically add dll references

    Posted 11 Jan 2014

    I understand this would be better to do by hand but it drives me crazy having to change the refs all the time. I guess i will go down the route of make a VS plugin as the i know how to loop through projects within a solution. I just didn't know how to loop through projects in a separate solution.
  2. In Topic: search, highlight and replace string

    Posted 11 Jan 2014

    Hey. There will be many ways to achieve to write this program.

    Firstly you will need to open the file. Then you could use stream reader to reader to read the text in the file then you could use string.replace to change the word you are looking for then save the text back to the file using stream writer.

    What have you tried so far and what problems have you faced.
  3. In Topic: Programmatically add dll references

    Posted 11 Jan 2014

    The reason that i want to do it this way is that if i need to replicate code into an old version of the of a project. I have to download both solutions and when they are downloaded the solution1 References will be pointing to the latest version of soluation2's dll's on the x drive but if i am changing something in one of the projects in solution2 i need to point the solultion1 projects the the version of the solultion2 dll's that i am change to make sure that i don't inadvertently brake part of the code. It would there for be easier and quick for me to write this program that i can specify where i want solution 1 references to point to.
  4. In Topic: Programmatically add dll references

    Posted 11 Jan 2014

    Yes well are using source safe as are source control and yes i do have the dll's referenced in visual studio for example: x\pathname. I understand what you are saying about the dropping the network drive and having another drive with the same same letter (x for talk sake) that is a good idea but i would rather this program just looped through the solution1 projects and changes the reference paths to a path that i specify e.g c:\theFolderPath etc can an external program loop through projects within a solution and change the ref paths?
  5. In Topic: Update record in VB.net in windows form application

    Posted 11 Jan 2014

    Hey Try this code below I think you have an extra , before your where statment

    str = "update BorrowThesis set  name ='" & namerenewl.Text & "', Email='" & Lemail.Text & "', ICNo='" & icNoRenew.Text & "', ThesisCode='" & codeLabel.Text & "', Title='" & renewTitleL.Text & "', Author='" & authorRenew.Text & "', Year='" & yearRenew.Text & "', Dateborrow ='" & renewDtp.Text & "', Duedate='" & renewDue.Text & " ',  where MatricNo=" & idsearchtxt.Text

    In addition do you not nedd ' ' around idsearch.text ?

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