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  1. In Topic: Runnning and Packaging a python project

    Posted 9 Oct 2012

    I would recommend cx_freeze if you are using Python v3.X. That is the only binary maker that I know of that works with Python 3. If you are using Python v2.X I would recommend py2exe. I think this is the popular python binary maker module and there are many tutorials and resources that you can find on the internet for py2exe.
  2. In Topic: Convert image manipulation program to server web app

    Posted 20 Sep 2012

    Well I am also very inexperienced in the web development department, but The first way that comes to mind in getting this app ported to work on the web is to basically replace your GUI with an HTML page. You will need to make sure that the hosting service that you use supports your version of python that you are using, or if you are hosing yourself you can install python. Then basically make an HTML page that allows the user to upload an image and then have options that call your python modules to do the image manipulation. Then when the user is done you can host the edited image and delete it once his session expires. Like I said before however I am also very inexperienced with web development and have never used python on a server like this so I am probably unaware and missing a bunch of details, but hopefully this post was helpful at least a little bit.
  3. In Topic: Variable Seems to Reset

    Posted 18 Sep 2012

    View Postbaavgai, on 18 September 2012 - 11:58 AM, said:

    Now, in Python, I throw a couple of underscores in front of the method. I tell you, the programmer, that it's not public. The language doesn't stop you from ignoring this, but that's your own damn fault.

    Pretty much took the words out of my mouth. All you need is a documented standard to denote between private and public, you don't NEED the language to bar you from all private data. It serves the same purpose and will have the same effect of reducing the chance of bugs. If the people using your class can't follow your documentation then that is not your fault and those people probably shouldn't be using Python because they are not "adult" enough.
  4. In Topic: Today's programmer is not such innovative as past's

    Posted 17 Sep 2012

    View PostGrantLyk, on 17 September 2012 - 01:44 PM, said:

    View Postaloneprogrammer, on 15 September 2012 - 08:38 AM, said:

    Yes this is true today's programmer can't do what other do.There are many programming language but they built on C or on DENNIS RITHIES'S Shoulder and C is on Asm so someone can create asm which can create language which directly generate binary,can someone make things appear o monitor or create colours from ground-up without using anything all from scratch,etc....

    Haha, oh so hipster, i bet you were programming before it was cool?

    What! Programming is cool now!?!? If I would have known this sooner picking up women would have been so much easier.

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    leon8chicken Icon

    04 Dec 2010 - 15:34
    I eventually do this.

    while D <length(C)
    E = C (D, :);
    D = D + 1;
    which in the case of the code you saw would give me the words in the dictionary that match the permutations of the word that was supplied to me. However this method stopped working when i use
    B = (A(:, 1:7))
    It only works upto
    B = (A(:, 1:6))
  2. Photo

    leon8chicken Icon

    04 Dec 2010 - 15:30
    Hi duffman.
    below is matlab script that i have for an assignment. Our lecturers supplied us with 2 files.
    I get a 9 letter word back from W.
    A gives me the permutations of the word.
    B gives me a matrix with my parameters
    W = assign2_word('ldavisa')
    A = perms(W)
    B = (A(:, 1:3))
    C = (unique (B, ‘rows’))
    D = 1
    While D ...
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