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  1. In Topic: How to represent different strings with different integers? (Anagram)

    Posted 27 Mar 2014

    View PostSkydiver, on 24 March 2014 - 11:32 PM, said:

    Out of curiosity, why not pick a bigger prime, or just assume perfect hashing?

    The Oxford Dictionary estimates that they maybe up to 3 quarters of a million words. 750000. Assuming 64-bit pointers, you could still easily have a the 6GB of pointers within the hashtable in memory. Assuming an average length of (5.1 + 1) bytes per word (the plus 1 as a null terminator), you would need an additional 4.6GB to hold all the words in memory. So find your friendly PhotoShop geek (who will typically have a maching with at least 12GB RAM if not more) and run your program on it and you can hold everything in memory without breaking a sweat.

    The reason I picked 71889 as my prime purely because there are 71884 words in my dictionary file.

    My computer has 16GB memory. But I am trying to this as efficiently as I can. The biggest task I have to overcome is to generate keys with no un-desired collisions (meaning words with same integer value, but different in length). My initial thought was to just use a division-method to generate unique keys. I should try with a higher prime number. Additionally, zobrist hash sounds promising with respect to what problem, yet I don't fully understand. I will spend more time reading and researching on it.

    PS: sorry for the late reply, busy schedule all over.
    Thanks for taking time into this!
  2. In Topic: How to represent different strings with different integers? (Anagram)

    Posted 24 Mar 2014

    Great Advice!
    However, the way my approach is, I still need BigInteger (in java)object as i am concatenating the individual ascii number of each character.

    But your suggestion better than just using lower cases.
  3. In Topic: url.getContentType() file types like wget.

    Posted 13 Feb 2014

    View Postno2pencil, on 13 February 2014 - 09:55 AM, said:

    Because the question asked is specific to Java, I moved the topic from software support to Java.

    Sorry, it is not a Java question. I was not clear. The question concerns wget options
  4. In Topic: Copying Link address Java using jsoup

    Posted 10 Feb 2014

    Yeah, I also found this way
    Elements links ="a[href$=.html]")
    String elementURL = link.attr("abs:href");
  5. In Topic: Euclidean Algorithm and Fibonacci number (proof)

    Posted 29 Oct 2013

    Jon and macosx, I understand. You stand right. I tend to start questioning my thought process and then I am completely lost.Especially, these stuff where you have to have a clear critical thinking (as there is no formalized approach) I shouldn't doubt my approach. It all just comes down to being not confident which also builds up because of stress due to other courses (I am not complaining, or blaming anyone). Sorry, if I have been annoying. I will try to come up with a rigorous solution. All I look for is to get headed into the right direction, which I will certainly get if I just approach.

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