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  1. In Topic: java program help

    Posted 5 Nov 2014

    The last if else should have a Boolean condition initialized to false, from what I can tell, you would want this code to loop accordingly where user would have a control over if he wants to continue or discontinue. In this case, a do while loop will be efficient followed by the Boolean condition.
  2. In Topic: Return not returning

    Posted 1 Nov 2014

    It would be sufficient to create a new class for different method, for starters to understand how to call functions in the main while the main is in the other class.

    Otherwise you just call function in main by function name followed by (); if it is in the same class, also if you are only using the variables in the function, I suggest if you want to make it private you should declare them in the function.
  3. In Topic: Why is my program outputting this?

    Posted 1 Nov 2014

    View Postpbl, on 31 October 2014 - 03:52 AM, said:

    When did your teacher learned Java ?

    The constuctor Date(year, month, date) and the methods getMonth(), getDay(), getYear() are deprecated since JRE 1.2 we are talking more than 10 years ago

    Some professors would want their students to learn it by coding it raw for good practice.
  4. In Topic: bank interest

    Posted 1 Nov 2014

    Does the interest change every month? Besides for loop assuming the for loop is for the months but for the interest, if it isn't changing every month you would want to initialize it with the actual value instead of a zero and make it static final.
  5. In Topic: Compilers

    Posted 27 Oct 2014

    Define the part "whatever little future there is." If there is very little little future to no future for APIs using java, then what language should I persue? I thought if I learn java thoroughly I would be able understand pretty much all the programming languages.

    Also the reason I put all of that in one thread is because I didn't want to spam threads for different topics since they are relevant to each other. Integrated Development Environments comparison along with API frameworks like jframe, jpanels, not the frameworks like .net. and compilers (I will have to read up on these before I bring them to discussion,) but currently I am working in Eclipse mainly in java. I raised this discussion to know what tool besides notepad++, eclipse and vs, does the majority use for coding and or building the GUIs.

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