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  1. In Topic: First game you remember?

    Posted 4 Jun 2013

    View Postdepricated, on 29 May 2013 - 12:29 PM, said:

    iirc, and this may be urban legend, but Mario is named for the landlord of the warehouse where Nintendo North America was located. They owed back rent and paid in giving the landlord's name to Mario. I also think Miyamoto had said something about Mario being from New York when it came up that he was an italian (because he had a mustache).

    I have no sources for that, just vague memory sorry, but stuff you could look into certainly. Not sure how much of it is just fan bullshit.

    Yeah I remember reading that from a facebook group post.
    Here's a link that explains further http://technologizer...10/04/25/mario/
  2. In Topic: First game you remember?

    Posted 4 Jun 2013

    Posted Image
  3. In Topic: Itching to learn a new language. Which one would be a good investment?

    Posted 10 May 2013

    Definitely Scala.
  4. In Topic: Coursera: Functional Programming Principles in Scala

    Posted 5 Apr 2013

    I, along with half of the developers I work with are taking this course.

    So far it's been really good and I'd recommend others who want to program more functionally to take it.
    The fact that it uses my favourite language is a bonus too.
  5. In Topic: [Req.] How you learned Programming?

    Posted 12 Feb 2013

    How I learned:

    Reading loads of tutorials and books on the languages I was learning for a couple of hours a day (still doing this 3 years later even though I'm programming for a living).

    How I'd advise you learn:

    Get the basics down (if statements, arrays, loops etc), then read up on one intermediate concept a day (inheritance, polymorphism, memory management etc). Then before moving to another concept, write loads of programs that utilize that concept until you are 100% confident that you understand it.
    Then the next day, move onto the next concept. Rinse and repeat.

    If I could go back, I would have done it this way.

    Oh and learn how to google effectively, it's no good searching for something, then giving up once you've gone through the first page of search results.

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    30 May 2011 - 00:53
    so have you worked with the wp cumulus code and if so have you known how you use it in another site apart from wordpress oriented sites?
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    Sergio Tapia Icon

    23 Jan 2011 - 07:46
    Yeah I completely forgot about it. I'll talk to InsertAlias tomorrow and get the ball rolling.
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    pemdas Icon

    23 Jan 2011 - 07:36
    I don't understand the computation of how to solve the problem, not coding but the math. I need to a program that reads in the x and y coordinates of a triangle’s vertex's. I need to compute and output the triangle’s perimeter. I was told I could use Pythagorean Theorem 3 times and I could use
    Math.sqrt((x2 –x1) 2 + (y2 –y1)2)to compute each side length. A sample input and output...
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