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  1. In Topic: Function error- normalizing the vector

    Posted 9 Nov 2012

    Spent ages looking at this, Just realised the problem. On line 75 you are using x in the calculation of the y-value, but the x value was changed the line before. try something like this:
    double length = sqrt( x*x + y*y );
    x /= length; // same as x = x / length but easier to type
    y /= length;
  2. In Topic: Adjacency-list graph issue

    Posted 9 Nov 2012

    Simples, I have made this mistake many times :P
    In your append function, you constantly set temp_1 to the next value. But eventually the next value will be null. Even so, temp_1 becomes null and you try and access its variables, then kablooey.
    try changing the check to:
    while( temp_1-> next != null )
  3. In Topic: Math Library - Sin and Cos not returning properly question

    Posted 9 Nov 2012

    All the maths functions use radians I believe, so try something like this
    //Somewhere at the top
    #define PI 3.14159
    double degreesToRadians( double degrees )
      return ( degrees / 180 ) * PI
  4. In Topic: Function error- normalizing the vector

    Posted 9 Nov 2012

    Like this:
    return u1*u2 + v1*v2;

  5. In Topic: take 2 inputs if 2 words are type in one line

    Posted 9 Nov 2012

    The method would be a little laborious if you are content with using the old functions ( also, for the c-stuff I meant getc instead of peek), but an example would be:
    string s;
    char c = getc(); // this removes the first character from the stream
                     // E.G the 'w' in "word", leaving "ord" in the stream
    while( c != '\0' && c != ' ' ) // stop when stream ends or the word ends
      s += c; // add the character to the string you want
      c = getc(); // take the next character from the stream

    After this, you could check whether c is a space, meaning that a number follows it, and use scanf to bring it in.

    A more c++ approach would be easier, and could look along the lines of
    string s;
    int x = 0;
    cin >> s; // add the first word to s, leaving either nothing or
              // the number
    if( cin.peek() == ' ' ) //check whether there is a space following the word
      cin >> x; // input the number

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    19 Mar 2011 - 18:10
    i think i need to rest first.. it's been 24hours that i am awake.. i need to sleep just for 1hour and 30 refresh my mind..and i wish when i wake up..your still on line..hehe..I'll be back.. :D
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    15 Feb 2011 - 10:06
    oh cool I'm a pioneer :)
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