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  1. In Topic: Circular dependancy

    Posted 17 Oct 2015

    Did a websearch you cheeky.... Based on your link can you point out the circular dependency in my code....?
  2. In Topic: Looping program.

    Posted 16 Oct 2015

    DO you have a specific problem with the program? Does it run as intended?
  3. In Topic: Beginner database question

    Posted 25 May 2015

    Thanks for the awesome replies! I will take it all into account.

    I was definitely thinking in the back of my mind that a serializable object would be a possible alternative.

    Though I think I might just abandon c# approach all together. A senior developer at my work mentioned that I should just make the program a web app in php backend and html. Then it would not be dependant on anything local.

    Since I have no experience in databases OR web apps, I would still be learning something new :)
  4. In Topic: Method not called within thread

    Posted 26 Oct 2014

    Thanks for the reply. But I still do not understand why the method is not being called....
  5. In Topic: Thread.sleep() efficiency

    Posted 2 Oct 2014

    Thank you for the informative reply.

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