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  1. In Topic: Information on image processing

    Posted 14 Nov 2013

    id be aware of the fread and fwrite methods, i wasnt sure if these can be used for pdf files? if i could do that and then write them to a .txt file that would be fantastic (and simplify things a fair bit)
  2. In Topic: SMTP verification. fread() problem.

    Posted 13 Nov 2013

    Hi, thanks for the reply.

    i ended up getting around this problem. however it just led to further problems, so i set up a different method to do this, with a better structure for more control over each action. but thanks for getting back to me.

  3. In Topic: Initializing an array using pointers

    Posted 12 Aug 2013

    #Define - i was flicking through old posts of mine and never thanked you for your help on this. so yeah, thanks for spending your time walking me through this problem :)
  4. In Topic: New to website design

    Posted 12 Aug 2013

    One thing i would love to get further information on would be in creating a Content Management System so that i can manage what the general public can see on the website and what members can see. i would like it so my website is mainly a register to gain access (due to the nature of it)

    I see there are quite a few free ones out there.. however i would prefer to find information on creating one so that i am able to troubleshoot it myself.

    Could someone shed some light on whether these free ones are actually any good, i have a horrible gut feeling if i installed one and started using it, it would expect me to do everything through it rather than being able to have my own freedom
  5. In Topic: New to website design

    Posted 12 Aug 2013

    yeah im going to give that mockingbird a look in also. does sound very interesting. thanks for the information. i managed to get a basic layout designed so its in its teething stage.

    always good seeing a project coming to life ;)

    thanks for the information

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