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  1. In Topic: [link]Sugar os written in Python

    Posted 24 Nov 2012


    Sir,If you think I'm wrong so code an simple OS that do some basic functional things in any languageone of the languages listed below:-

  2. In Topic: [link]Sugar os written in Python

    Posted 24 Nov 2012

    No os can be writtened in programming languages like python,perl,ruby,vb,c#,java,etc.. since they are interpreted language.

    Maybe the news is from invalid source or it's fake

    Yes ,Python can be implemented in your own oS

    Or it's on embedded platform running above python vMachine for example you can write an OS using .NET on .NET micro frame work running platforms like NETUDINO but it's not a OS in true sense it's just running above .NET MF
  3. In Topic: Which type of kernel architecture you would prefer?

    Posted 24 Nov 2012

    Before coding my kernel I would like to which architecture is preffered more an then I code it:

    I will explain my personel choice later when my diagram is ready so it can be understand better

    Note:Before I develop my kernel I would like to hear suggestion from others....Please suggest me anything you expect in an os,etc...

    Thank YOu


    There is no OS dev forum here...SInce I'm coding my OS in ASM/C so I posted it here...
  4. In Topic: Best Practices Cheatsheet

    Posted 23 Nov 2012

    Sorryy siI I was in hurry when writing this....Since there is no option to edit I cannot change it

    please change int to float(or double if needed)
  5. In Topic: Best Practices Cheatsheet

    Posted 22 Nov 2012

    Add input validation routine in your programme and regarding buffer allocation please be careful
    about input validation or it can cause buffer-overflow one of the serious vuln.

    For example(vulnerable code:
    char buffer[50]
    strcpy(input,buffer) //If input > buffer this can cause buffer overflow

    Refactored code:
    char buffer[50]
    if (inputlen > buffer) ;
    print("input is too big") //I'm not using print function(you have to code you own..since printf(an all printf family //have fmt_str bug.) have format-string bug
    //Or.. your <code>

    Note:This is just a pseudo code....

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