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  1. In Topic: Why handheld devices should be banned from kids

    Posted 11 Mar 2014

    How many of you posting to this thread actually have children or deal with them on a daily basis?
    This does not include those who have a negative attitude towards children: You were once a child yourself, so don't be a jackass.
  2. In Topic: GCC to CLang reposted

    Posted 20 Dec 2013

    If a person is moderating a subforum which will contain references to all computer languages, maths, operating systems, CPU architectures, and so on and so on and Scooby Dooby Doo-bee, then that person should have a comprehensive if not working knowledge of all code. This would mean the moderator would need to understand obscure references to closed, military, and experimental systems not available to the general public from both former and current countries and nationalities.

    To reply directly to you::
    If all programmers, porters, coders, developers, et al were as apathetic as you, then we wouldn't have shit for technology of any sort.
  3. In Topic: PC-BSD would not load KDE after reboot.

    Posted 15 Dec 2013

    You will need to find the [file]init[/file] for the [file]kdm(4)[/file] which should be in [file]/usr/local[/file] or [file]/usr/local/kde4[/file] depending on the build configuration.
    1. Start the system in single user mode.
    2. [cmd] mount -rw / [/cmd] and other file systems.
    3. [cmd] locate kdm|grep /usr/local|less[/cmd] and look for the [file]init[/file] setting.
    4. [cmd] /path/to/kdm/init restart {or onestart}[/cmd]
  4. In Topic: What are you working on today?

    Posted 15 Dec 2013

    Porting Traverso-daw to FreeBSD. Seeing if a thin client that was thrown away is working. Further working on audio suites and applications so that my brother and others will have (a) working system(s).

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