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  1. In Topic: problem with firstprog.c

    Posted 15 Jun 2015

    Please don't make other threads when you already have one on the same topic, even if the question is slightly different.
  2. In Topic: Online course recommendation?

    Posted 15 Jun 2015

    Taking courses can help, but if you have books, just reading them and then doing the exercises can really go a long way.

    It's like learning another language. You can learn all the words, but unless you use them in a practical way, you will forget them over time.

    By doing the exercises, you have to use what you just learned and it's therefore more likely that you will remember and know how and when to use what you just learned.
  3. In Topic: problem with firstprog.c

    Posted 15 Jun 2015

    View Post#unknown#, on 15 June 2015 - 06:48 AM, said:

    thanks guys the problem is solved :bigsmile:/> :bigsmile:/> :bigsmile:/> :bigsmile:/>

    Just wondering what fixed the problem?

    Sometimes people have the same problem and when they search google, they may find this page. So it can be helpful to others if you listed what you did to fix it.
  4. In Topic: problem with firstprog.c

    Posted 14 Jun 2015

    When you compiled the program, did you use the '-g' command-line option to enable debugging symbols?

    I'm assuming you have already compiled the program using a compiler like GCC?
  5. In Topic: Problem Student assignment in Link List saving in internal memory

    Posted 14 Jun 2015

    You commented out the code that actually opened the files and what not.

    This is a good example of why design is an important step in the programming process.

    Always break the program up into separate units and work on each unit until you know it works and there are no bugs.

    Then it's a matter of putting those units together, kind of like a puzzle.

    When adding to an existing program, I like to write a "driver" program first that deals with the new features. Then I work the kinks out and add it to the existing program.

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