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  1. In Topic: GUI developing in eclipse

    Posted 21 Dec 2014

    Qt is, in my opinion, a good library to start writing GUIs in. Qt also comes with its' own IDE called QtCreator. This also comes with QtDesigner which is a designer for GUIs that allow you to do most of the work by dragging and dropping widgets onto the form. Qt has been around for a long time and it's extremely well documented.
  2. In Topic: C++ Ofstream question

    Posted 2 Dec 2014

    There are two basic ways to do this, have the display() function return a string or something that can be written to an output stream, or you can overload the << operator for your class and have the necessary data written to the stream inside that function.

    I can be more specific you just haven't posted much code.
  3. In Topic: C++ Ofstream question

    Posted 2 Dec 2014

    That should work depending on what display() returns.
  4. In Topic: How to add to tail of a DoublyLinkedCircularList

    Posted 1 Dec 2014

    Can you please stop making more threads about the same topic.

    Any questions relating your linked list should go in this thread. I just closed your other thread and I saw you made a few yesterday.

    People are trying to help you in this thread, so when you go and make another thread, it's somewhat irritating, and I'm sure it puts people off from helping you.
  5. In Topic: [-fpermissive] error in eclipse

    Posted 1 Dec 2014

    Why is the std::string inside your class a pointer to a string? Just use a regular string variable, which already handles any memory allocation/deallocation for you.

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