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  1. In Topic: Security: Label versus HiddenField

    Posted 22 Sep 2014

    By ID, I do not mean the ID of the control. I mean the ID in your row of data in the database (eg. studentID).
  2. In Topic: Security: Label versus HiddenField

    Posted 11 Sep 2014

    If I have for example a repeater, usually the practice is to store the id in a hiddenfield, right?

    Usually, this id will be used when performing operations like updating or viewing details.It won't be nice it the user can change this to something else.

    If there are multiple rows, then Session won't be appropriate.
  3. In Topic: C# Newbie Question

    Posted 1 Sep 2014

    Hi there.

    You don't need to go to forums to ask this one. There are a lot of resources in the internet about arrays and other stuffs. If you just need a reference, you can just Google it.

    Anyway, here's a link you may use to read about multidimensional arrays: http://www.dotnetper...mensional-array

    If you encounter any problem in your code and after several researches and tweaks you still can't get the solution, you may always ask it in the DIC forums.
  4. In Topic: This is probably the most inspirational article I've ever read.

    Posted 15 Jul 2014

    Great article!

    Well, before I was able to create lines of codes of a certain function for just a few minutes, I spent hours creating one when I was a beginner.

    I have fallen into programming addiction (which others may call 'hard work' since I spent many hours programming) which helps me code a lot better than before.

    The sleepless nights... the dark circles around the eyes... the headache upon seeing a new error... the panic I had felt after being prompted of 'Object Reference not set to an instance of an object'... All those stressful yet fun days of programming... I have never regretted any of them.

    I am proud to be the programmer I am right now. Though, I still have a long way to go before being called great.
  5. In Topic: Read URLEncoded QueryString

    Posted 15 Jul 2014

    I am encoding a cookie.

    So if I have a cookie like this...

     HttpCookie cookie = new HttpCookie("test_cookie");
     cookie["name1"] = "value1";
     cookie["name2"] = "value2";

    When I encrypt the cookie value, it only encrypts the name and the value. As a result, there is still an equal that separated the cookie name and value.

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