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  1. In Topic: Replacing string with empty string

    Posted 5 Mar 2014

    A few minutes after I had posted this problem, I managed to find the solution.

    Instead of replacing it with an empty string, '', you should replace it with CHAR(0) with 0 as the ASCII code for NULL.

    And it works!
  2. In Topic: (string) vs. .ToString() vs. Convert.ToString()

    Posted 11 Feb 2014

    If I am not mistaken, if the object is null, ToString() will throw an exception while Convert.ToString() will not. Instead, it will be read as empty string. Well, I have tried this with my ViewState before.

    But never have I used (string). Thanks to Baavgai, I already have an idea of when can I use (string).

    Thanks guys.
  3. In Topic: Query Performance: Too Many Conditions in Select

    Posted 27 Aug 2013

    The execution plan resulted for 8 queries in the stored proc. The first query costs 100% whereas the others all cost 0% each. The multiple case-when statements are not in the first query so I think that it does not affect the speed too much.

    I am not getting the whole table from the remote server. I am only getting columns and rows that I need.

    The following are the other screenshots, continuation of the first I attached:

    Note: These are all screenshots of the first query.

    The following screenshots are Left, Bottom, Bottom Left of the first screenshot from my previous post.
  4. In Topic: Query Performance: Too Many Conditions in Select

    Posted 27 Aug 2013

    I'm sorry for the vague question.

    I read the two webpages you gave. Thanks for that. I wasn't able to try the first link since I can't find the Trace in New. I do not have full access in SQL.

    The next link is something new to me. Wow! Thanks really.

    I attached a small part of the execution plan. Though it is not complete since it cannot fit the size of the screen. I have read something about execution plans but I really am having a hard time understanding everything so I hope you can help me. I wish I could show you the whole plan. Is there a way I can save the execution plan?
  5. In Topic: TreeNode Parent- Child Selection

    Posted 26 Jul 2013

    I am able to achieve what I need using javascript codes as found in http://www.nullskull...javascript.aspx

    I just replaced some codes to suit my needs. However, I have another question. Is it possible to disable a TreeNode Checkbox? I do not want to hide it. If possible, I want to do it from the server side because the condition to enable or disable depends on one column of the table retrieved from the database on page load.

    Can anyone help?

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