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  1. In Topic: Set focus on a panel

    Posted 20 May 2015

    Playing around some more with the codes, controlName.Focus() and Page.SetFocus(controlName) both works.

    You're right about not all controls can receive focus. What I did was use a LinkButton (got this from your anchor idea).

    Thanks a lot. It now works.
  2. In Topic: Set focus on a panel

    Posted 20 May 2015

    I apologise for forgetting to mention that my button is performing some client-side and then some server-side commands. After processing, it will display a success/error message in the panel located at the top of the page.

    I also tried scriptManagerId.SetFocus(panelId) but it doesn't work either.
  3. In Topic: Request.Files not working in other browsers

    Posted 17 May 2015

    I found a way to prevent unnecessary binding on postback.

    By the way, I need to use more than one AjaxFileUpload in a page so I create a usercontrol to do this.

    My problem is, I need to know which uploader is uploading which files so I add a property FileType.

    If I place multiple instances of AjaxFileUpload in a page, only one is being read for both instances. So, when uploading files for uploader1, the FileType of Uploader1Type is read. When uploading files for uploader2, still, FileType of Uploader1Type is read.

    I need to get the filenames of each file uploaded and get which uploader is concerned, how should I go about it?
  4. In Topic: Request.Files not working in other browsers

    Posted 16 May 2015

    Is it possible to post the files from javascript so that Request.Files can read it from C# code behind.

    The setup is...

    The file uploader will be an AjaxFileUpload. Upon clicking of button, files will be read by javascript. Javascript will post the files. C# will read it with Request.Files.

    Is this possible? Does anyone know of a way to achieve this?
  5. In Topic: Request.Files not working in other browsers

    Posted 13 May 2015

    Instead of using the HttpFileCollection, I use my button to trigger the clicking of the Upload button from the AjaxFileUpload. I found a solution from another forum site.

    I have made it work using this. However, I want to use this inside a usercontrol. That's where another problem arises. The control cannot be read and so _filesInQueue and .click can't be read. The problem seems to come from this line:

    var aj = $find('AjaxFileUpload1');

    I don't think the control is read properly inside the usercontrol. What should I do about it?

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