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  1. In Topic: This is probably the most inspirational article I've ever read.

    Posted 15 Jul 2014

    Great article!

    Well, before I was able to create lines of codes of a certain function for just a few minutes, I spent hours creating one when I was a beginner.

    I have fallen into programming addiction (which others may call 'hard work' since I spent many hours programming) which helps me code a lot better than before.

    The sleepless nights... the dark circles around the eyes... the headache upon seeing a new error... the panic I had felt after being prompted of 'Object Reference not set to an instance of an object'... All those stressful yet fun days of programming... I have never regretted any of them.

    I am proud to be the programmer I am right now. Though, I still have a long way to go before being called great.
  2. In Topic: Read URLEncoded QueryString

    Posted 15 Jul 2014

    I am encoding a cookie.

    So if I have a cookie like this...

     HttpCookie cookie = new HttpCookie("test_cookie");
     cookie["name1"] = "value1";
     cookie["name2"] = "value2";

    When I encrypt the cookie value, it only encrypts the name and the value. As a result, there is still an equal that separated the cookie name and value.
  3. In Topic: Drag and Drop from Windows Compress Files

    Posted 27 Jun 2014

    I do not know exactly how to solve your problem. But just a thought... don't you need a program to automate decompression first before reading the file?
  4. In Topic: why converted values from string to double gives me syntax error

    Posted 27 Jun 2014

    Just as modi123_1 said, assign a default value during declaration.

    double  distance = 0;
    double current = 0;
    double voltage = 0;
    double Loss = 0;

    It doesn't have to be always zero. Consider the most appropriate default value to assign.
  5. In Topic: Validating script tags and other javascript

    Posted 26 Jun 2014

    I created a simple program that checks if a string matches a regex pattern. It's basically my regex playground in case I need to play with complex patterns.

    It's just a simple textbox for the pattern and another textbox for the string. A label shows "Matching" or "Not Matching" after button click.

    Playing around in my little playground, I can't seem to find a solution for my new regex problem.

    For example, I have this:
    var a1='hi '; var b2='username';alert(a1 + b2);

    Using backreferences, I can call variables a1 & b2 again in the alert.

    But what do I do about the declaration of the second variable(b2 variable)? I need a variable that is composed of letters, numbers, or underscore that does not have special characters (following the rule of a variable). So I have...


    At the same time, the second variable should not be equal to the first variable. This is where I'm stuck.

    I need a logic AND. Some references say I can achieve this with (?=pattern)

    I need to say that it should not be equal to the first variable.

    [^\1] doesn't work. It seems that backreference doesn't work inside brackets.

    Character class subtraction doesn't seem to help either.

    Could someone guide me on how to achieve this?

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