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  1. In Topic: Music Feedback and Promotion - ToxicRobin

    Posted 9 Jul 2015

    I've been working on the site for awhile with intermittent breaks doing other work. Since then, I've redesigned and rebranded the site and gotten nearly 100 uploads.

    Would love your opinions!

    Here's the new URL:

    A few good tracks:
  2. In Topic: Music Feedback and Promotion - ToxicRobin

    Posted 17 Mar 2015

    In an effort to improve transparency, I've created a How It Works page.

    Check it out:
  3. In Topic: Music Feedback and Promotion - ToxicRobin

    Posted 16 Mar 2015

    All features on the site have been switched from sandbox to live. Would love any comments!
  4. In Topic: ceilfire - Online HTML5 game maker

    Posted 13 Mar 2015

    Bravo! This is a complex piece of machinery. It reminds me of being a kid and playing around with GameMaker.

    I only got a chance to explore it a little, but I noticed it's packed with all of the features you'd expect in something like this. The ability to create sprites, events and actions, and edit metadata is all there.

    Unfortunately, that's where the good news ends. While the product idea is great, and the market is very large, the execution is lacking. The design, layout, and stylization is uncomfortable, confusing, and difficult to navigate. No one in your market (mostly curious kids) would ever be able to figure this out. Yet you're focusing on an assets store and bugging me for my email with popup modals?

    I admire you populating the site with your own content to overcome the "ghost town"/"chicken and the egg" problem, I can't say too much positive about the site outside of the Editor either. Don't be too distressed though, if you can figure out the world of design then you'll have a fighting chance. Allow me to introduce you to:
  5. In Topic: Sci-fi PC Adventure Game Wormhole City Announcement

    Posted 13 Mar 2015

    There has clearly been a tremendous effort put into the graphics, both in-game and for the Kickstarter page, as well as detailed planning in regards to the storyline and development. I see that the foundation for the game such as physics and basic animations are already in place.

    I can see why you might have difficulty meeting your goal though. While progress has been made, I think most backers are expecting a video that details more of the actual game rather than a multitude to worlds in the game. It would also be an added benefit to see at least one of the team members in the video talking about it. Lastly, you need to show off your previous work. Whatever that may be, people need to see that you've properly executed something at a smaller scale.

    Best of luck

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