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  1. In Topic: Looking for a game developer in c#

    Posted 10 Jul 2014

    Developer here. I have quite a couple of questions, sorry for that :-)

    If you have an artist and a composer, and are looking for developers, what will you be doing (besides doing the kickstarter thing)? Are you an artist?
    What are the target platforms?
    How will this game generate revenue and on what basis will the revenue be split? Equal for everyone? Number of hours worked? Fixed split?
    What experience do you have with game development? More general, please tell us a bit about yourself.
    What kinds of hours do you expect the developers to work on this game per week? Is this a fulltime occupation?
    How much time do you plan creating the game should take with the hours mentioned above?
  2. In Topic: Looking for Programmers

    Posted 28 Mar 2014

    Hey James, welcome aboard! Can you maybe answer some questions i have?

    - You say your team has 4 members. Can you give us overview of the team and tell us a bit of each of them? Like what they do in the team and so forth.
    - In what stage is the project? Is this project still in the ideas phase or do you already have an alpha up and running?
    - Do you have interesting stuff to show us? Screenshots, concept art, youtube video's?
  3. In Topic: Need someone to create a website for games

    Posted 24 Mar 2014

    This sounds like a simple job, am i correct something like this happens?:

    1 - Person puts 100 points on his account (by paying you 1 dollar).
    2 - Person plays game. Game sends message to the website to deducts 10 points from the persons account.
    3 - Person wins! Game sends message to the website to add 100 points to the persons account.
    4 - Person cashes out, and 190 points are converted into 1.90 dollar that is paid by paypal.

    Because if so, i see a bit of an issue with your idea: What will stop a hacker to find out how exactly the points are added to your account in step 3? It's really easy to retrieve the call that is done by the game to the server (wireshark can do this quite easy; I actually do this daily).
    Encrypting the message will not solve much, since a hacker can just decompile your code (Reflector can do this easy), rip out the code that sends the encrypted calls, and add it to his own "put 1000000 points to my account please" program.
    Alternatively a hacker could also use a memory editor (like artmoney) to directly edit the number of points in the memory of the game you built.

    If you want to make sure that they cannot cheat, keep everything server side (game logic included), and do not let them do any calls that directly change the points on their account in any way.
  4. In Topic: Looking for a Droid/Apple developer

    Posted 19 Mar 2014

    Can you give an indication of your budget and/or an insight to how the developer(s) are to be compensated for their work?

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