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  1. In Topic: multiply three doubleword numbers when the carry flag is set

    Posted 16 Jul 2013

    What a great a idea, thank you very much you have been very helpful
  2. In Topic: Detect if users leave the domain

    Posted 1 Apr 2013

    I thought by killing the session I could stop someone from getting sensitive data like Social Security Numbers or Credit Card Numbers, how secure are sessions? Am I worrying too much about nothing?
  3. In Topic: Detect if users leave the domain

    Posted 1 Apr 2013

    YES this was helpful THANK YOU

    View PostStefanOnRails, on 31 March 2013 - 03:03 AM, said:

    What are you asking is quite unusual, at least for me. The only idea I have would be to pass a value from page to page via POST method every time the user clicks a link, asking for a new page. Then you can check if the value was set, if not it means the request wasn't sent from one of your pages.


    However, there's a major problem in this design and I'm talking about the user ability to change the url via address bar. There's no problem if they want to go on a different website, but if they access another one of your pages a new session is created, even though the user never left the website.

    I see your point, but how much security should you have for an eCommerce website? Also If the browser is using tabs like Firefox, closing the tab does not kill the session.

    View PostCTphpnwb, on 31 March 2013 - 05:20 AM, said:

    View Postandre1011, on 30 March 2013 - 11:19 PM, said:

    If the user closes the window or goes to another website a new session should be started.

    Suppose you somehow got this working. What would you want to do if the user left your window open but used another browser? Would you kill the session then too if you could? Why would you, and if you wouldn't then why do you want to if they browse a different page on the same browser?
  4. In Topic: Detect if users leave the domain

    Posted 30 Mar 2013

    I am trying to write a basic eCommerce web site where the same user can add items to a shopping cart with a click and php will know that it is the same user for the same session. (For this web site the user has no log in button, stupid I know but these are my requirements) If the user closes the window or goes to another website a new session should be started.
  5. In Topic: how to get back to the beginning of an array

    Posted 26 Mar 2013

    Here is my new working code, thanks for all the help

    ;filename: arrayTest.asm
    INCLUDE io.h
    .STACK 4096
    string               BYTE    32 DUP (?)
    instructionLabel     BYTE    "Enter a positive number or -9999 when finished",0
    outputLabel          BYTE    "The number inside the array is",0
    messageOut           BYTE    "End Program",0
    stringArray          BYTE    "Good Bye World",0
    stringOUT            BYTE    100 DUP (?)
    numberArray          DWORD   100 DUP (?)   ;Declare an uninitialized array 100 DWORDs long
    numberValue          DWORD   ?
    numberOfElements     DWORD   ?
    _MainProc      PROC
      mov          numberOfElements,     0                   ;numberOfElements = 0
      mov          ecx,                  0                   ;ecx = 0
      whileLoop:                                             ;start of while loop
      mov          eax,                  0                   ;eax = 0
      input        instructionLabel,     string, 32          ;get input from user and store in eax
      atod         string                                    ;convert input string to number
      cmp          eax,                  -9999               ;compare input number with sentinel value           
      je           endWhileLoop                              ;if eax = -9999 jump to end of while loop
      mov         numberArray[4*ecx +4],    eax              ;use index addressing to move value from eax into array
      inc         ecx                                        ;ecx = ecx + 1
      inc         numberOfElements                           ;numberOfElements  = numberOfElements + 1
      jmp          whileLoop                                 ;always jump to label whileLoop
      endWhileLoop:                                          ;end of while loop
      mov         ecx,                  0                    ;ecx = 0
        mov       eax,                  numberArray[4*ecx + 4] ;take a particular element in array and move it into eax
        dtoa      stringOUT,            eax                  ;convert number inside eax into a string
        output    outputLabel,          stringOUT            ;display message box with label and the converted string
        inc       ecx                                        ;ecx = ecx + 1
        dec       numberOfElements                           ;numberOfElements = numberOfElements - 1
      cmp         numberOfElements,     0                    ;compare numberOfElements with 0
      jne          bobby                                     ;if numberOfElements does not = 0 then jump to label bobby
      output      messageOut,           stringArray          ;display message box "Good Bye World"
      mov          eax,                  0                   ;exit with return code 0
    _MainProc      ENDP

    Once again thank you, you have been a big help!

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