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  1. In Topic: Are Java Applets obsolete today?

    Posted 1 Jan 2013

    @extremeblueness: The iPhone doesn't support flash for a number of reasons:

    - It consumes a lot of memory while in use (especially in mobile devices)
    - The code is flawed at parts, which is why it crashes a lot and your browser suddenly freezes
    - It consumes a good deal of energy on an iPhone
    - HTML5 is apparently more user-friendly and doesn't overuse resources
    - Both Apple and Google seem to have it out for Adobe (business is after all a dog-eat-dog world)

    You should still try to learn ActionScript in case it is ever handy.
  2. In Topic: Java webstart: jnlp file not quite calling JAR as desired

    Posted 1 Jan 2013

    I guess I shouldn't make such a fuss about giving away my code if I get it all through these forums and tutorials online, so I'm just gonna distribute it. But I'm gonna do it as exe, since distributing a fatjar actually disrupts the path to which a program saves files and reads them (and if I didn't distribute a fatjar and instead chose to distribute the jar created through the IDE, I'd be distributing everything separately which could be a bit messy). By the way, I got confused. The program I used to convert the fatjar to exe is not Jar2Exe, it's Executor, in case anyone would wanna try it http://download.cnet...4-10162784.html It's actually pretty handy because it successfully converted the first game I made, which used dispose() and new JFrame() a lot (I was such a rookie), while the other program I mentioned and several others couldn't. Thank you for your help!!

    @smohd: do YOU know of any unmentioned advanced code protection?
  3. In Topic: Java webstart: jnlp file not quite calling JAR as desired

    Posted 1 Jan 2013

    Upon running the converted exe, it seems to call the jar from inside without modifying the code, because as the jar starts, the java icon is displayed at the top left, even when the program is minimized. I'm considering it because jar decompilers are easily available online while an exe might still pass as undecompressable, and a programmer who decompresses it might either be too 'new' to understand or not benefit much from it. Although this reasoning would still apply to jars alone, do you still think distributing jars would be a better choice?

    In any case, how do java game companies do it to make games without giving away code?
  4. In Topic: Java webstart: jnlp file not quite calling JAR as desired

    Posted 1 Jan 2013

    But what do you think about distributing an exe?
  5. In Topic: Java webstart: jnlp file not quite calling JAR as desired

    Posted 1 Jan 2013

    Ok, gotcha. If the jar HAS to be readable then I can't win there. I could make a jar public when it comes to applications, but if I wished to make games in java they would either have to run on the site or be distributable in an unreadable format. I've been able to build a fat-jar from a java project, and convert it to an EXE using Jar2Exe. The problem is that such jars are EXTRACTABLE, with WinRar and Izarc. So I rephrase, how would you distribute a jar or any executable java file without the code being easily seen? I never tried obfuscating but it seems it would do more harm than good. Am I wrong?

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