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  1. In Topic: Binary Search Trees - Specification, Implementation, and Driver files

    Posted 14 Apr 2014

    If you need further information and perhaps a visual, check out my BST post.
  2. In Topic: Spring/Summer 2014 Fitness

    Posted 10 Apr 2014

    Posted Image
  3. In Topic: Brendan Eich, gay marriage, and freedom of conscience

    Posted 6 Apr 2014

    Apparently this donation factoid was known and caused a stir in March of 2012. Almost two years to the day. So the board of Mozilla ignored this and bumped him up anyway? Or they didn't vet the CEO. Either way, Mozilla's attempt to take the moral high ground after what can only be a forced resignation is a butthole move.
  4. In Topic: Spring/Summer 2014 Fitness

    Posted 4 Apr 2014

    Got my dumbbell bench up to 140 lbs for a set of 5. Stabilizing 70s is hard.
  5. In Topic: How can I show in C++ code that I want separate lines for objects?

    Posted 31 Mar 2014

    Look at your cout statements. They all currently dump the data on one "line". You'll need to use some escape characters for line breaks and such if you want to format. "\n" is newline.

    There's also quite a bit wrong syntactically with your program:

    void setFields();  //calling a function in main(), no return type specifier

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February 8, 1988
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  1. Photo

    Michael26 Icon

    25 Jun 2013 - 15:43
    Reputation: 3000
    Nice round number :)
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    Highdrox Icon

    05 Apr 2013 - 07:37
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    Martyr2 Icon

    23 Sep 2012 - 14:15
    Thanks for the five year badge, much appreciated. :)
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    lbrownlbandit Icon

    13 Jun 2012 - 12:40
    Hi , just wondering I could borrow you black jack code
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    strawhat89 Icon

    12 Jun 2012 - 22:40
    I see you like witty quotes. Have you read Jim Butcher's Dresden Files? Its chock full of witty banter.
  6. Photo

    strawhat89 Icon

    12 Jun 2012 - 22:40
    I see you like witty quotes. Have you read Jim Butcher's Dresden Files? Its chock full of witty banter.
  7. Photo

    no2pencil Icon

    21 Feb 2012 - 19:29
    Ich habe eine Koch-Video!
  8. Photo

    blutrane Icon

    13 Feb 2012 - 07:52
    Wo ist der neue Koch-Video?
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    04 Sep 2011 - 07:58
    Hello, with the pudding. Pudd-pudd-pudd-pudd-pudding! Hello, with pudding. Pudding Bill Cosby. PUDDING! Bill Cosby. PUDDING! Bill Cosby. PUDDING! Bill Cosby. Pudding, pudding, pudding, pudding.
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    Shahrzzad Icon

    14 Jul 2011 - 09:29
    Thank u so much for accepting my friend request.:).
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    y2161994 Icon

    13 Jul 2011 - 03:23
    Hey friend,can you tell how I can know that My tutorial is approved or not.
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    ishkabible Icon

    28 Jun 2011 - 17:07
    get out of my BIOS, you could corrupt the input...or worse...the output!!
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    no2pencil Icon

    21 Jun 2011 - 11:27
    Post another baby making/cooking video!
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    Sergio Tapia Icon

    23 May 2011 - 20:27
    Post another cooking video!
  15. Photo

    macosxnerd101 Icon

    19 May 2011 - 17:06
    I didn't know he was the devil. I mean, we all know KYA is a pain to deal with, but you really consider him that bad? :p
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