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  1. In Topic: Method for calculating standard deviation

    Posted 15 Jun 2014

    You are trying to call your method like this:

    standardDev = array.StandardDevation();

    Array doesn't have a method called StandardDeviation. You have to call the method directly from the class and pass the array in as a parameter.

    You don't really need to have an instance to call the standard deviation method (it doesn't keep any state), so it makes sense to make it static (like all the other Math method). Like:

    ublic static double stdDeviation(int[] array) {
       // implement here

    Presuming this method resides in the class StandardDeviation (maybe rename this). Call it like:

    double result = StandardDeviation.stdDeviation(array);

    You will also need to fix the logical errors in your std deviation method itself. Also get rid of the fields. They should be local variables.
  2. In Topic: Splitting first and last name

    Posted 10 Jun 2014

    Why are you splitting at "' "? You should be doing it at simply spaces - " ".

    You also have to use the elements of str(the split elements) to construct your final result (str[0]=firstname, str[1] = surname).
  3. In Topic: How to start Visual C++ in a fast way

    Posted 10 Jun 2014

    From what I gather from the table of contents, chapter 16 covers graphical user interfaces which is what I gather you meant by the 'visual' part.

    I don't own the book so I can't tell you exactly what it includes. I expect however that it will be raw Win32 and won't be the Microsoft Visual C++ variant that you may or may not want to use.
  4. In Topic: Learning a proprietary language

    Posted 10 Jun 2014

    You don't have to put it in your CV directly as a skill or for potential new jobs using it. You can add it more as a learning experience. 'I learned a proprietary language in order to do X and Y which meant that Z'. Shows willingness to learn which is good for you.

    If you like what you're doing and like the company then just do it. Its not the worst thing in the world to happen and you most likely will get something useful at of it in some way (just not a direct skill to put on your CV).

    Is maintaining code written in it going to be your only job? If so then I would maybe be a bit more weary about it, but if you are involved in other development then I wouldn't mind so much.
  5. In Topic: Problem trying to cout vector

    Posted 10 Jun 2014

    The transactions variable in main is not the same one that gets used in the Account class - they are to completely separate objects so only the private one in the Account class gets modified. Thus when you try to loop over the one in main, it is empty so nothing gets output.

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