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  1. In Topic: Request a Tutorial

    Posted 10 Feb 2014

    Hi All,
    I have an old Nokia cell phone - so old I can't even remember what model it is. I love my old phone (well one feature on it anyway: the talking alarm clock) and would like to build a talking alarm clock app for my iPhone4S to replace my old faithful Nokia.
    I have started building it with jQuery Mobile. However I can't seem to locate a suitable text-to-speech software to incorporate in it. I am looking for something that is fairly naturally sounding and can be built into the app to work offline - I do not always have internet access. I have looked at the jQuery text-to-speech engine, but it sounds too robotic.
    Anyone with any suggestions as to where I can look to find an appropriate text-to-speech software? Your suggestions would be welcome and appreciated.
  2. In Topic: J2ME MIDlet List Item

    Posted 10 Jun 2012

    Hi DIC Heads,
    I am a newbie to J2ME programming and do not have a full grasp of the dos and don'ts.

    Question : Can an event be triggered by simply mousing-over/highlighting a List Item in a MIDlet? For example, can a Ticker be triggered by scrolling to an item in a List?

    If so, can you refer me to any material that I can read up on the subject? If it can't be done, is there a likely work around? Any information will be greatly appreciated.

  3. In Topic: How to run a .exe file from inside a VS2010 project

    Posted 25 May 2012

    View Postcrob09, on 28 April 2012 - 03:28 PM, said:

    View Postrehtnapc, on 02 September 2011 - 08:15 AM, said:

    Hi All DIC Heads,
    I have finally discovered how to create a generic path to the .exe or other files included in my VB 2010 project, that I wish to execute. This may need some tweaking for your particular purpose, but it just may help. So for those who may find this helpful here goes.
    1. Copy the required .exe or .xxx file into the project folder
    2. Through the 'Solution Explorer' add the .exe or .xxx file to the project. One way of doing this is by Right clicking on the project name (In bold letters at the top of the Solution Explorer window) -> Add -> Existing Item and then navigate to the project folder, click on the file -> Add. The file should now appear in the 'Solution Explorer'
    3. Highlight the file in the 'Solution Explorer'. Go to 'Properties', set 'Build Action' to 'Content' and 'Copy to Output Directory' to 'Copy always'.
    4. Save all
    5. Under your button click event or whatever event you are using to launch the .xxx file, use this code:
    Process.Start(My.Computer.FileSystem.CurrentDirectory & "\File Name.exe")

    Thanks to all who offered me advice while I was seeking help and I hope this will be helpful to someone.



    Hi, I am trying to do this but for some reason the add option under the file tab only allows for certain file types. I don't fully understand where I am supposed to right click to find the Add option the way you suggested. Can you help me a little?
    Thanks for your time and help so far, at least this gives something to go on. Also good on you for figuring it out!
    I am using VB 2010

    Hi crob09,
    I am sorry for just replying to your request - haven't checked the Threads in a long while.
    Anyway, I hope it is not too late:

    Do the following:
    1. On the toolbar at the top of the Visual Studio (where it says: File | Edit | View | Project |etc.), click on 'View'. A drop down list will appear.
    2. About the fifth item on the list (from the top) it say Solution Explorer Ctrl+Alt+L. Click on Solution Explorer. The Solution Explorer window will open on the right side of the screen.
    3. At the top of the Solution Explorer window it will say Solution 'The Name of your project' (1 project). Below that in bold letters you will again see the name of your project.
    4. Right click on the bold lettering. A menu will appear. About the fifth item on the menu it should say Add.
    5. Mouse over the word 'Add' and a sub-menu will appear. The second item on that sub-menu should say Existing Item.

    From there you can follow the remaining steps outlined in my earlier post.

    I hope this is helpful, though late.

  4. In Topic: J2ME MIDlet List Item

    Posted 24 May 2012

    Thanks, macosxnerd101.

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