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  1. In Topic: Swing Tutorial Part IV

    Posted 15 Apr 2013

    @macosxnerd101 : would you mind to explain more about the "no need of casting" in Java 7?
  2. In Topic: Swing Tutorial Part IV

    Posted 9 Apr 2013

    Thanks for the explanation.. yeah better late than never.. ^^

    Yes I can understand your explanation, (even your answer didn't fully answer my question.. sorry) and also now (after a long time) I found out the answer of my question (you're using inner class, that why the "String select" in okbuttonlistener class can access JList in SelectList class.. hehe )

    Thanks anyway ..
  3. In Topic: write conceptual framework before start make a program?

    Posted 15 Feb 2013

    Thanks for all the advice.. I tried to.. but still it's not easy.. I am not yet get the picture in my mind (in other word, not yet found the systematical formula) how should / where should I start from??

    I remember, previously, a program better design based on Model-View-Control (MVC) framework.. so when I build my plan.. how should I put in?? Let's say .. First is "PanelA" inside the "PanelA" have 3 combobox.. first combobox fill when the program run. second combobox fill when first combobox's selection event triggered, and the third combobox also same. So now, "PanelA" have own 'Model, 'View' and 'Control'.. As I knew each MVC considered as an object (because made as a class) and "PanelA" also an object (a class).. How should I draw the plan?? What if there is "PanelB" which control by "PanelA" 's condition?? Here I stuck at the planning??

    Correct me, if I have twisted comprehension.. Thanks..

    Edited: Sorry for late mention.. I do Java programming..
    So, I hope the advice free from technical dependent.. but even so, If you have any idea want to share just share.. It may help others beside myself... thanks
  4. In Topic: What the use of TableModel and how to use that properly?

    Posted 30 Jan 2013

    oh come on.. 24 hours has past.. and no one can give me an answer??? :plain:
  5. In Topic: When should use Inner Class instead (normal) Class

    Posted 18 Jan 2013

    I read the link that @macosxnerd101 given.. in that tutorial teach that Model and View didn't have direct access/link..In that example I can understand the teaching..
    But now I try to apply in the very same database application which I define the Model-> have 3 functionality: Select, Update, Delete.. This model also can let user choose which database that user want to connect..

    Now I have question, If the View didn't have direct access to Model then how can I show to user the databases that exist in start of the program... I mean in the very start, I have to provide at least databases that exist, but I cannot have direct access, so how to get the data? through the Controller??


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