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  1. In Topic: needs opinion on my development on website and android

    Posted 4 Jan 2016


    It's a nice approach. You also have the option of designing the website in such a way in which it also consumes the web service. So therefore both the Android app and the website will use the same web service. It would cut down on the development timeline. Essentially you'll have one web service which handles the communication between the database and clients and also two clients, which will be the website and Android app. Now if you went with designing the website in ASP.NET MVC or ASP.NET Forms then you'll have two points of communication with the database. It's more or less how you want to approach the problem knowing the size of the overall project, launch date (if any) and programming language. AngularJS could be used to consume the web service and you'll have your website right there. Personally, I prefer all my applications consume the same web service. You'll have some level of consistency there. If I do change the database model in the future then I only need to update the web service and adjust the data models for my applications. I like to keep it as loose as possible.
    Feels like I'm writing a book here but there is no right or wrong answer to your question. You could dive a bit deeper and have your web service, ASP.NET MVC website and the Android App and still have one point of communication with the database. Having a class or classes handle your database communication centralizes it also. Makes it easier to update and maintain. I've thought a bit about a problem like this a while back and I'm now currently learning AngularJS. However I have the luxury of no launch date deadline to meet :)

    Hopefully I share a bit of insight here and haven't totally confused you.
  2. In Topic: DbUpdateException error

    Posted 4 Jan 2016

    In Visual Studio head to the menu View -> Output or hit the keys Ctrl + Alt + O then you'll see Output window. Hit Show output from: and that'll show you a dropdown list. Choose Debug and the errors should be there.
  3. In Topic: DbUpdateException error

    Posted 29 Dec 2015

    Hello, instead of Console.Writeline try using Debug.Writeline and check the debug menu in Visual Studio for your error. You should see the cause of your error.

    Post the results here if you need more assistance.
  4. In Topic: Write application from Winforms to MVC

    Posted 24 Sep 2015


    Submitting data to the server via Javascript will be almost as identical as if the regular/traditinal form submission is used. Using AJAX will set your HTTP_X_REQUESTED_WITH header value with XMLHttpRequest. In terms on the security aspect of this, the data will be visible once you're not using HTTPS. Using AJAX doesn't necessarily make it less secure. ASP.NET however has mechanisms to validate the origin and authenticity of your data. You could use the HTML helper function
    . This would place a hidden input in your form and the value would be validate the form when it is submitted to the server. To make use of this feature you must attach the [ValidateAntiForgeryToken] Attribute to your ValidateUser action method within your HomeController.

    [HttpPost] // let's only accept POST requests
    public ActionResult ValidateUser(/* parameters */)
        // code won't be executed unless the AntiForgeryToken is valid

    There is also a better way to handle AJAX forms. You must install the package Microsoft.jQuery.Unobtrusive.Ajax from NuGet. Have a look at the code below.
    @using (Ajax.BeginForm("ActionMethodName", "ControllerName", null, new AjaxOptions()
        HttpMethod = "POST",
        InsertionMode = InsertionMode.Replace,
        UpdateTargetId = "replace-a-html-element-with-the-result-of-your-ajax-call",
        OnSuccess = "runthisjavascriptfunction"
        <!-- Your HTML Code Here -->

    Read up on the Ajax.BeginForm for submitting forms via AJAX.
  5. In Topic: Fall - Winter 2015 Fitness

    Posted 24 Sep 2015

    Fitness isn't just for those who are overweight. A lean person can suffer from high cholesterol just as easy as someone who's overweight. Staying fit doesn't even have to involve going to the gym and working out. Playing a sport works. Keep the heart and body healthy and your mind will work at optimal performance.
    I'm actually in the process of gaining weight... yep gaining weight. My weight a few months ago was about 110-115 lbs and I'm a 25 year old male lol. I'm 5'5" though so my lack of weight helps. I managed to reach the 120's category through weight lifting. Since I code a lot and game on a few occasions the physical activity is needed.

    Can never go wrong with fitness and you feel great when you start to see results. It's hard work but what isn't these days? We're coders, we know what hard work is. If we can debug programs for hours I'm sure we got the patience to grind out the results through physical activity.

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    22 Feb 2012 - 14:47
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    Congrats on the promotion! Very very well deserved dude.
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    Thanking you - Once I've finished off the 2x CMS Tutorials + got time to spend on more daily articles I think it will be even better! Just can't keep updating my signature with every single one :D
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    03 Jul 2011 - 09:37
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    20 Jun 2011 - 14:43
    I see it now, nice work :)
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    20 Jun 2011 - 11:49
    Hi, but everytime I see you online helping, why they remove it from you? Did they mention any reason? or just system error?
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    20 Jun 2011 - 11:17
    Hey, what happens to expert badge?
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    16 Jun 2011 - 03:36
    Thanks, so the link's been doing it's job :)
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    16 Jun 2011 - 01:53
    Hey there, howdy? I like one of your signature links that says hell is real. Are you a believer in Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal saviour?
    If yes then I'd say keep up the good work and stay strong in the faith, my brother in the Lord.
    Nice to meet a fellow christian geek.
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    13 Apr 2011 - 12:12
    Thanks for the rep! :)
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