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  1. In Topic: Why do you need a team?

    Posted 30 Mar 2015

    "Just 2 hours a day for 2 months". You haven't worked on a large project before so it makes sense why you're asking "why do you need a team?". Work on something larger than yourself and then you'll answer your question.

    That being said, I solo a lot of large personal projects because I don't trust anyone. I also barely have time outside of research to do them altogether. A team could help if I had the luxury of one I trusted. But it's too bad I can't trust anyone with a personal project.
  2. In Topic: Has Anyone Had A Moment Like This

    Posted 30 Mar 2015

    I've never been stuck figuring out how to accomplish something in programming. What happens is that I get stuck of why it isn't working after I've written it.
  3. In Topic: Windows 10 will be free even for software pirates.

    Posted 26 Mar 2015

    Yeah I'm going to have to point that out too and to add Windows 2000 was great because it was Windows NT vs. Windows ME which wasn't. Windows XP was the first one where Microsoft decided to just use one kernel.
  4. In Topic: Internet Explorer "it's over"

    Posted 26 Mar 2015


    1- they are not allowed to use Chrome or Gmail when they're working on something that is likely to be published (very telling, isn't it ?)

    It's very telling because it sounds like they don't know much. I have that job where we work on a lot of papers that are likely (and do get) published and this sort of worry is nonsense (for starters, we use a thing called our library to find related literature instead of Google). It isn't even Google you're trying to hide unpublished work from in the first place.


    I feel concerned too, because I not only use it to work, I use it to shop, to entertain myself, to learn, to get informed, to communicate... It's very intimate.

    ...how intimate?


    "political dissidents" (hey that's me!)

    Anyone who actually calls themselves that has an inflated ego.


    The most innocuous of statements can be misconstrued and used as justification for any form of punishment, or blackmail. Think I'm wrong? How was high school for you?

    If my government ever wanted to get rid of me, they wouldn't need to dig up an excuse. They'd just do it. Again, I'm not so full of myself that I believe the NSA actually gives a shit about my life.

    On the other hand,

    When I install privacy measures on my browser, it is the corporations and advertising I am avoiding.. but mostly malware served through ads.
  5. In Topic: Internet Explorer "it's over"

    Posted 26 Mar 2015

    A quick Google search (hahahahaha) claims that you can catch Google Chrome doing this. When you type website addresses and search terms into the browser, it echoes those to Google Analytics along with your website usage. More claims of "incognito mode" randomly switching off without telling you.

    Although most of my friends who want to use Chrome without the Google use Chromium

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