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  1. In Topic: Another Linux Topic?!

    Posted 3 Jan 2016

    I don't know, the world is changed. A lot of games I have on Steam run on Linux and a lot of them were AAA ones too. You might be surprised. After the horror that is Windows 8 and 10 and how Android nearly overtook Windows 7 in usage, I see myself moving entirely to some sort of Linux by 2020 when the support cutoff for Windows 7 happens.
  2. In Topic: Writing a major proposal - advice?

    Posted 3 Jan 2016

    No, you're just doing agile wrong
  3. In Topic: Confused on GitHub ?

    Posted 14 Sep 2015

    I always preferred Subversion, but GIT works better if you have a disorganized team work together as in most open source stuff.

    It is tempting to use tools that use GIT for you, like addins for IDEs and the like, but GIT is so annoying to use unless you've practiced it using the command line version first. Practice it first, and then I recommend finding a plugin for whatever IDE you're using to handle the annoying parts for you.
  4. In Topic: How old are you ?

    Posted 14 Sep 2015

    It's rude to just ask someone their age like that, you should get to know them first before you pop the question.
  5. In Topic: I realized something just now...

    Posted 14 Sep 2015

    Ghosts are often echoes of someone's will or memory. When they stand on the floor but pass through some walls, it is usually because there wasn't a wall there back in the time that the person was alive. Other times, the ghost can pass through objects if they force their way through- choosing when they are affected by solid objects or not.

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