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  1. In Topic: Internship working on Web Automation

    Posted 16 Feb 2016

    That is good to know. I'll search up more testing questions for interviews and just go from there. I appreciate all the help. Really really do!
  2. In Topic: Internship working on Web Automation

    Posted 15 Feb 2016

    It has been extremely straight forward so far and I haven't had a single problem delving into it too much. If i had any questions at all for you, it would you be if you would happen to know what kind of questions I might be asked in an interview about Selenium/webdriver. I'm learning the basics of all its formats and functions and the kind of code it can be exported as, but there is a lot here and not as much time. So far though i've learned how to traverse through html/css in the IDE and to record, playback, and save steps taken. Any information you can give is greatly appreciated.
  3. In Topic: Internship working on Web Automation

    Posted 15 Feb 2016

    I am actually looking through tutorials currently for selenium/webdriver, although I maybe should of also specified that i am trying to see if anyone had personal experience with it and what to expect. Possibly a little more than what a basic tutorial says about it. That said I don't believe my ignorance to a particular tool for testing makes me inadequate for this internship, seeing as all these tutorials have you use java code for testing, and i've built an android application through java before. I know the product this company releases very well, and I know some of the languages they use (i've been in communication with them for a couple months now) and I would absolutely enjoy to be a part of them. I'm just trying to get a jump on my interview, and I could learn what I need to between now and the start of the internship by the time I got there, assuming I was selected.
  4. In Topic: simple work hours project issue

    Posted 28 Aug 2015

    View Postjimblumberg, on 28 August 2015 - 07:51 AM, said:

    What do you mean by "it breaks"?

    By the way the following may be part of your problem:

       int numberofemployees;
       int employee[numberofemployees][4];

    First you are using numberofemployees uninitialized, second array sizes must be compile time constants in C++. I suggest you consider using std::vector instead and you should also see about increasing your compiler warning level, it should be able to help you solve problems like this.


    this actually helped a lot. I tried a different compiler and it worked just fine. I'll look at cleaning it up so I can get it to run on any compiler. Thank you!
  5. In Topic: simple work hours project issue

    Posted 28 Aug 2015

    an example of the issue i'm facing is when I put the numbers in for one employee, ex. $8/hr and 40 hours per week, or even 45 per week, the loops process as intended and give me a correct mathematical answer (i've double checked to make sure), however if i enter for TWO employees the program processes normally until the calculation two dimensional array, in which case instead of giving me the proper amount per week and a monthly total, i get no out put, and the program ends. I'd like for it to be able to process any number of employees, rather than just 1. Thank you!

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